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Friday, September 25, 2009

Satan's Post Ramadan Trick

(As with all the written posts here, these are reminders to myself/Naafs first and foremost.)

Now that Ramadan is over satan’s comes out with another trick, which is an old one, it tries to convince you that now Ramadan is over you can do anything you like. Ramadan is over and I can do what I like! Well, this is true in one aspect but in another way it is false. The greatest lies are a mixture of falsehood and truth, this is no exception. Satan has been around for a while and he knows all the tricks but if you are ready then you can stop him in his tracks!

Now that Ramadan is over you can eat, drink and maintain conjugal relationships with your legally wedded partner during the day but that's it. What was prohibited for you in Ramadan is prohibited for you now. So do not let you Naafs think, 'Yeah I don’t have to lower my gaze anymore,' no; you still have to lower your gaze. 'I do not need to pray anymore;' yes you still have to pray.

Yes sins commited in Ramadan are worse but outside Ramadan they are the same so don’t be fooled into thinking its okay to miss a prayer outside Ramadan and not okay during Ramadan. It's sinful to miss an obilgatory prayer any time of the year, month or day!

You have to be aware of this and mentally prepare yourself for this attack as well as the internal attack of the naafs, which is greater. By seeking refuge with Allah (mighty and exalted) satan goes away but your naafs doesn’t, so that is why we have to purify it.

All the good work that you have done during Ramadan cannot be allowed to go to waste. Now that you have purified yourself of many sins maintain this and you will see the benefits, as will other people around you.

We are aware that some people find it much easier to practice in Ramadan so if you are one of these people then please focus on one thing, try not to miss any daily prayers and if you do then make them up.

Your responsibility is the same now as it was in Ramadan so please beware of Satan’s trick. Ramadan is over but that does not mean that you can do what you want now, you still have to do what Allah wants. And if you do what Allah wants then you'll get what you want, Paradise.


  1. Jazakallah khair.

  2. Anonymous6:01 pm

    May Allah (SWT) forgive us and give us Jannah..Allahum Ameen.

  3. Good luck with the book Tim.