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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sheikh Atabek Shukurov

Types of permissible animals according the Hanafi school

Hanafi School divides food into three types
1. Insects – All Haram except Grasshoppers
2. Reptiles – Salamander is makruh/disliked
3. Rest of animals – birds, fish, etc. This is split into two types:
a) Predators/carnivores/birds of prey are Haram/prohibited
b) Herbivores –Dolphin makruh/highly disliked

Fish have two conditions
1. Whatever is known by the name fish
2. Arabs hate to eat it (not fish then)
Other water life that does not fit into this category are makhruh like prawns

It is disliked/makruh to eat camel/cow if they eat filth; you have to allow the chicken three days to eat clean food and the camel forty days.

Seven parts of an animal are Haram/prohibited to eat
1.the blood and arteries inside the meat
2. Male private area
3. Balls
4. Female private area
5. Glands
6. Bladder – large intestines and rectum
7. Spleen

There are three things that harm the body:
1. See effect -something that clearly effects the body like poison or eating glass is Haram/prohibited
2. Visible see the effect – does not kill – eating a rock – Disliked
3. Not visible straightaway but only hurts certain people – something that is better not to do

Animals that are slaughtered without pronouncing the name of Allah (wajib/necessary) are not permissible to eat if forgotten on purpose but if forgotten without intention then it’s okay.

When slaughtering three of the four must be cut, food tube, two arteries and air way

It is only permissible to eat haram/prohibited food in severe necessity. The definition of necessity is:
1. Without it you will die
2. Or you will lose the function of a limb – leg – five senses
3. Or you will have extreme pain

Kosher Jewish meat is permissible that is killed in the tradition way

The definition of dead meat/maitah is:
Any animal not slaughtered in Islamic way or an animal killed without being slaughtered

To train a hunting animal: it has to hunt something and not eat it three times and you have to send it saying Bismillah.

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