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Friday, June 10, 2016

Your life is a supermarket

Ponder the following:

Your life is like a supermarket. Some of you have a lot of money and can buy what you want. Most of you have limited funds, so watch your spending. 

Some of you are lost in the music and entertainments, wasting your time. Others know that more important matters need to be taken care of. Others get what they need and move on. Some become engrossed in the service they receive. Some get engrossed in the details. 

We all know we are here for a limited time. We have limited resources and when they run out, we have to leave.

We have a choice: either we chose what is Halal or Haram. We can choose something that is good for our health or otherwise. What is Halal will cost more and the Haram is very cheap, but with the Haram there is another price to pay. 

What will you chose? Your choice will determine where you go afterwards. The price you pay when you leave and what occurs to you afterwards. Repentance is the gift of the fallen. We all fall but we have a choice, either we get up or remain in the mud. 

Your goods will be examined when you leave, you will be asked about what you are brought and what you did with them. There is reward for the Halal choice and punishment for the Haram choice.  However, you have a choice in the matters that are in your control and no choice in the matters that are outside your control.

So what will you do?  It is your life and it is your choice.

I have often thought why about the hands, feet and other limbs speak on the day of judgment. They will speak out on that day because they were used to commit sin. So they were oppressed and so have the day of judgement to speak out, against their oppressor, You.

Sometimes people are taken from the supermarket when they least expect it, because they did not read the signs. There are traps to avoid and if you are not careful then too can get stuck.

The supermarket is your life and what you do there, effects what happens to you afterwards. The choice is yours...