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Monday, December 01, 2014

General manners when attending lectures

General manners when attending lectures

Please bear the following in mind:

1. Please park in place that is not obstructing anyones vehicle or driveway.

2. Please arrive on time with materials to take notes

3. Lower one's gaze in presence of the opposite gender in the car park and stall area.

4. Maintain ablution throughout lecture.

5. Turn phone off or silent if in needed (life or death).

6. Wait patiently with either reading ones notes or reading salawat.

7. Shoes should all be placed in lines in an orderly fashion.

8. Brothers should be sat in neat lines as in prayer.

9. Ideally white jubba and hat should be worn.

10. Use breaks to renew wudu, rest, review notes and avoid backbiting at all costs.

11. When lecture begins pay attention and do not be distracted by noises outside.

12. Children who cannot remain silent should be left with a carer. Do not let one's children to be a nuisance to others. Leave them in the crèche and do not allow them to disturb others.

13. If you have to leave for dire need then leave quietly and do not disturb others.

14. Do not speak to your neighbour when the teacher is speaking.

15. Come to the lecture with questions in your hearts and allow the answers to flow from the Sheikh's tongue.

16. Do not crowd to the front to greet the Sheikh. Come if Sheikh allows it and do not make unreasonable requests.

17. Do not eat in the prayer area rather in designated areas.

18. Leave when lectures are over as organisers may need to close the Masjid.

19. Beware of taking photos with your phones as some may flash.

20. Please allow audio and visual team space to do their job.

21. Learn, practice and enjoy!