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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Disputations

Part four

1. Know that the blessings that you are unaware of, are greater than the ones you are aware of.

2. The grass is not always greener, it’s just the angle that you are looking at it!

3. You may never realise what good you receive from other people, so don’t forget to be grateful.

4. As bad as it is, it could be worse.

5. When your heart moves away from someone, you have already left.

6. What can be learnt in sadness can never be learnt in happiness.

7. If something is not fulfilling the purpose of its creation then it can only lead to sadness. As only when something is used correctly that it fulfils the reason why it was made.

8. True knowledge is taught not indoctrinated.

9. Don’t let praise delude you and do not let criticism stop you.

10. Sickness disconnects the body and the soul, you’ll realise this when you pray.

11. Don’t be fooled into thinking that people are trustworthy because most of them are not.

12. Turning away from the foolish can sometimes mean turning away from yourself.

13. Keeping company of the unrighteous means that they can be can guided because of you.

14. It’s easy to point the finger at others and hard to point the finger at yourself.

15. Words have no meaning because we do not know the meaning of words.

16. If you are pleased with yourself then you have forgotten what tasawwaf means.

17. Al-Ghazali said, “Worship with hope is better as hope bequeaths love and fear bequeaths despair.”

18. Being eager to catch something is not the same as holding it.

19. Making a fellow Muslim uncomfortable in the Masjid is one of the worst sins you could ever do.

20. Every great empire or great civilisation sows the seeds of its own destruction.

21. One of the most hardest thing you can do is watch someone destroy themselves.