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Sunday, September 25, 2011


Hey, which hadith talks about consideration?

Is it mentioned in Quran?

Where is your proof brother?

Well, brother there are things that you do not need to ask the proof for like the heat of sun. Just go outside on a sunny day and experience it.

This was something that was bothering me of late, consideration. It seems that I am frequently accused of lacking consideration in my interactions with other people. I rail road over the feelings of others without stopping to ask the question, do my actions affect them?

We are not talking about positive ways we are talking about negative ones. How many times have we seen people put shop assistants into uncomfortable positions by making absurd demands? Why is it that some people are so bad that we prepare ourselves for the worst? Why is it that so few of us are polite? Why do we push past others to get what we want? Why do we take what we want and not stop to consider our fellow man? Why do we make it difficult for others by putting family members into positions that cause problems?

The time has come for us to mature and consider our fellow human being. Have we considered that if we mock a brother he might go home and take it out on his family? Or if we are good then he might spread that goodness to others? There are many proofs for consideration that need to be considered but I am not going to do all the work for you, think deeply and you'll see them.

We really have to wonder if that frown or tinge or sadness is our fault and if it is then we must do something about it. How is it that someone will not think twice about cheating you but will not miss praying in the first line?

Don’t feel ashamed to speak in a language that others do not understand? Just so you can swear at them?

When someone is ill do you visit them?

When people are in tribulations do you ring them to see how they are? Do we allow others to struggle when we could help them? Why is it we do not say sorry when we bump into each other? Why is it that we do not see it as a problem when we strike our neighbour when we are sat listening to a religious lecture? One such person struck me in the face when we sat in a lecture once. Another time someone scratched my foot when I was sat next to him. Yet, did he see this as rude or inconsiderate? Nope to him it did not matter!

There are so many questions that we have to ask ourselves and really take a hard look at ourselves and try to think about one important question.

How does what I do effect others in a negative or positive way?

Sunday, September 11, 2011