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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Disputations

Part thirty eight

1. Don't complain about being stuck in a hole when you have the spade in your hand and it was you who did the digging..

2. If the masjid is just for committee members and their activities then its just a social club and there is no reward for social club.

3. There's no drugs in the masjid but there's plenty of crack! Cover your backs up Brothers! Goodness me!

4. All past tense verbs in Arabic are Mabni meaning they are indeclinable - they cannot be changed. Your past is like that it cannot be changed only your present and future can be changed.

5. Abu Hanifah (may Allah show him mercy) said, ‘Whoever finishes the Qur'an twice a year has performed its right.’

6. Myrlie Evers: When you hate, the only one that suffers is you because most of the people you hate don't know it and the rest don't care.

7. "We make the rules pal. The news, war, peace, famine, upheaval, price of a paper clip, we pick that rabbit out of the hat and everyone wonders how we did it. You're not naive enough to think we are living in a democracy? Are you buddy?"

Wall Street

8. If masjids in the west do not change their methods they are in danger of being irrelevant to the very communities they 'claim' to serve.

9. When something terrible happens and you want to know who did it. Then look to who benefits the most and you'll find those responsible.

10. The spiritual path is not like instant coffee it takes time to change...

11. If you do not use your medicine in the prescribed manner how is it going to work?

12. If you go to the circus don't be surprised if you see a clown!

13. Some people online seem to loose all morality...

14. Noble means to noble ends

15. If politics is a dirty game then only a dirty person can succeed

16. Goodfellas film tagline: murders come as your friends they come with smiles

17. The ladder starts on the first step...

18. The quran mentions halal and tayyab together, lawful and pure. Obviously mistreating animals is wrong but that does not make the meat haram but it's not good. So it would be better for meat to be halal and tayyab but if it's just halal then we can still eat it.
As for the opinion of eating the meat of non Muslims. The meat that's in supermarkets is not halal because it's slaughtered by atheists.
Often the meat trade is not tayyab or halal. It's not tayyab because it's of the treatment of growth hormones etc.

19. Most of us do not know what sunnah is. How can we practice it??

20. There are a lot of people who wear the cloth of the scholars but are devoid of knowledge

21. The people who argue all day have changed their religion to argumentation. Therefore they have nothing