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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf

Interview Cartoons

Freedom of speech was used in the west used this to criticise politicians and leaders.

We should be sensitive to he beliefs of other religions

It’s wrong to trample on the Danish flag.

The media tends to focus on extremist views

There’s a lot of good in this country, lowest corruption levels in the world

Anjam would be arrested if he was in the middle east because he was seen as an extremist

We should have a respectful opinions and dialogue with each other

Friday, February 24, 2006

Sheikh Saad Al Attas

Hikam Number 72

If there is continuity in spiritual work then that, inshallah Allah will accept the work at the end.
(Wherever he finds fruit.)

If he finds sweetness, he stops there and if he does it for the sweetness then it isn't solely for Allah Ta’ala, so the intention has to be or Allah Ta’ala.

Look inside yourself and examine your intention.

Sheikh Abu Jafr Al Hanbali

Dampening down the flames

How do you make sense of it, Should be repelled by it

We have seen explosions of violence and anger

In the past the Muslims have been on the back foot for 500-1000 years
When the retreat happened, we became defensive

Two responses, (the first way they responded and now how we respond)

So much wastage has occurred, paper, energy etc

We should look at the first three generations and use their reactions to be our reaction

We lost the moral ground in this argument, due to our overreaction

The Muslims did not kill Dante but he was actually killed by the Catholics

We have we seen so many die in these riots. This is the “Hatfield and McCoy Syndrome” where two families fought over a well for over four generations. They killed each other and then forgot what why they were so angry but kept fighting.

Those pictures were not him, (they can’t be him, How can a picture illustrate a man who used to light up a room, in the middle of the night.) We have descriptions of him in the Sahih Tirmindi, The pictures were not historically accurate buttons across his chest, when the clothes had open necks. There were 12 pictures, 11 from Denmark and one done by an Israeli to provoke Palestinians.

A man who used to see the Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) walk by, he would throw hot ash at him.

Everyday his walls were soaked with urine and someone would defecate in his house.
He visited a man who used to urinate in his house and visited him and told him “I missed you today.” (peace and blessings upon him). He converted to Islam after this.

One his daughters were murdered while in Mecca and after the conquest of Mecca, he saw man and said to him “I forgive you.” (peace and blessings upon him)

Someone threw a rock at him and it cut him near his hairline and he didn’t retaliate

Could be possible that people have seen a bad image of Muslim, suicides, credit card cheats, heroin addicts, abortions, gangster type mentality, A Muslim attacked his mother because she refused to give him money for his crack habit. Is this because of Islam? (Or is it us?)

Someone asked me why I am was wearing a dress, he replied “A dress has a floral pattern on it.” Then he said, “Why are you wearing a long shirt on?”
“Because it’s a fruit of my faith.” (He was happy with that.) Maybe we need to grow a thicker skin. I was asked why I was wearing a towel on my head, “the towels in my house are too big to wear on my head, I wouldn’t be able to walk. “What’s that scarf on your head?” It’s the what all the prophets (upon them peace) would wear on and I like to wear it because it’s a fruit of my faith.”

We have to learn to be tough skinned, someone said to him “Bin laden” he replied “Abu Jafr.” (So it looked like one of them aid their name and the other replied.)

Who is discriminating whom? Is it us or is it them, we should not act in the same way.

I was lost in London and I found a Jewish man who had a big beard and asked him for directions and he helped. The friend said he didn’t want to ask the Jewish man. You don’t ask a man with a rocket launcher who is running at you, for directions.

Some new converts to Islam wanted to destroy Jewish books, The Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) told them to give them back to their one who owns them.

In 1948 in Palestine, a Muslim saw a Jew he called him the Jew was disturbed. The Muslim beckoned him to follow him and he did, the Muslim took him into a house and locked the doors behind him and then gave him part of a parchment of the Torah he had saved.

We have difficulties that we need to address, double standards that we have to sort out.

Russian propaganda published a book that was sent to Muslims which was found to be a fake, it was about Zionism. (It stated that the Jews wanted to take over the world.)

Some people hate Islam because of what we have shown them of Islam

We should stop racist literature by using language that they don’t understand like “Shidi.”

We cannot become Islam-o-nazi’s! I will not allow it to happen!

The Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) said he was the first one made and the last one to be sent.

In Arab custom if they would see an army coming they would take off their clothes and go the sacred place and the people would listen. The Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) went to that same place and warned the people. “If I warned you about an army over the hill, would you believe me?” They said yes but they denied his message.

Eleven places in the Quran that the people would meet their lord. 22.23

The first theological verses are from 78-114 in the Quran, understand the faith.

During the Ottomans caliphate of 800 years they only stones one person for adultery and 8 people had their hands cut off for stealing.

We need to work at the grass roots of our communities

The ends don’t justify the means the Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) said “They are wrong even when they are right.”

We need to understand each other religions and know we cannot agree on some issues

Paradise is mentioned more in the Quran than the Fire is

Work on three things
1. Get a thicker skin
2. Refuse to be oversensitive.
3. Be lenient

We shouldn’t punish the entire Danish population for what a small number of them have done. Pointless, is the ban on Danish products.

Some of the best qualities of the Prophet (peace and blessings upon him)
1. Eloquence, frankness, bold, straight forwardness
2. Reliable
3. Character towards his family (he served his family while he was at home.) (peace and blessings upon him)

Friday, February 17, 2006

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf

The Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) once asked a blind lady,"where is God?" She pointed upwards and then he asked who is the messenger? She pointed at him (peace and blessings upon him). Be, on the religion of the blind lady.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sheikh Saad Al Attas

Hikama 105

I wonder about the lesson that the trail is teaching him

A great blessing is to know what test is from and its ease and Allah Subhanu wa Ta’ala is the one who will make it easy.

Allah Subhanu wa Ta’ala is more merciful than a mother to his child

Perhaps you dislike a thing that is good for you

Have belief that only Allah Subhanu wa Ta’ala can help you

One atoms weight of good is the same as 1000 mountains of good work

If Allah Ta’ala loves a servant he will test him

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sheikh Saad Al Attas

Ramadan Radio

What is needed in this month is Sabr (patience) during trials and desires

Allah Ta’ala helps people who are patient

Continue doing good deeds that you have started in Ramadan and if they persist then s/he will get an opening

Everything with a soul will be resurrected

After the gathering will come the standing

Those who carved idols out of wood or stone will be hell with that person

Good works can be rewarded in the dunya and the afterlife
Person who does an act in the world
S/he can remain in heaven

Jihad is a means to protect the deen and only Muslims can protect the deen not a non-Muslim

Jihad is Ibada (an act of worship) and a non-Muslim cannot do an act of worship

Friday, February 10, 2006

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf

Just enough religion to hate

We don’t haven’t done anything wrong and nobody can accuse us of anything

With every right, there is a responsibility

Mishala Morsal are laws made by man but not sacred law

Ibn Qaum Jawzi said that;
There are 4 types of Haram
Is easy to wipe out sins I.e. drinking
Harder one, between you and people
Between you and Allah
Saying what you don’t know

You can’t say what’s halal and haram

Our understanding needs to be open

People consult Sheikh Google?!?!

The Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) said, “Enter into this religion, gently.”

A bedion urinated in the mosque (the Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) explained to him the rights of the mosque.) “Know peoples level and what they will do and teach gently.” Understand the nature of the people.

We are losing our balance as a human nature

Rule of law is part and parcel of Islam

Tarhb in the Quran means to deter. (The modern word in Arabic for terrorist is Irabi which is from this root.)

We have every right to defend ourselves

Governing principle in Islam is justice

Jihad is in carried in order to prevent injustice

Allah Ta’ala is enough for you a protector if they incline to peace your should incline to peace

Ibn Tamiyyah said that “Christians only show the sword as proof and Islam conquered with proof.”

Islam came to conquer hearts and souls not bodies

Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) had a desire to guide people

Every person in the world is part of the Umma of the Prophet (peace and blessings upon him)

I’ll leave you with three things

Change your understanding of Jihad. “peak of the peak.”

1a. Jihad al naafs “The one who struggles against his passion.”
Musa (Upon him peace) dropped the tablets, if we get carried angry we will lose the sacred

Isa's (Upon him peace) way was to turn the other cheek

Ibn Jawzi al Qalbi said the best revelation is in the mercy

You cant say about Allah Ta’ala what you don’t know

Ali (May Allah Ta’ala be pleased with him)wanted to find out what was in a letter sent to the Muskrin

We could be wrong in something

There are more Muslims living in Europe than in the Arab peninsula

Don’t call each other Kafir, Kufr is about belief

Abu Hammish said “It is easier for me to call 1000 non muslims , mulsim than call one muslim kafir.

Taqwa is to behave with Allah ta’ala inwardly and outwardly

Stop backbiting, don’t find fault in your brother, its as if you have faulted yourself

Don’t mock other groups

Allah ta’ala puts the Muslims into one group and the Kafir put us into smaller groups.

The prinples of Jihad are three

Justice (in the path of Allah)
Response to aggression
Don’t be agressors
The Abbassids had diplomatic ties with france, Harun Al Rashid sided with the French over the Ummayyads in spain.

Prohibit yourself first

The Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) visited someone who used to put thorns in his path, he wanted to find out if she was ok.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Imam Zaid Shakir

Collateral Damage

Much of our lives are removed from Islam

Removed from the reality of Islam

What the future holds isn’t what is in the present

After 9/11 the conversation rate was five times as much

In Spain after the bombing they cried out for peace

We are given a false dilemma that is mutually exclusive

Either you affirm your British identity or your Muslim one

A confusing situation, to affirm something that means leaving the other

There is a 3rd option affirm both

We have been given Physic space to think

Totalarian regimes have caused millions to perish. I.e. Marxism

Idiots of the Islamic state who haven’t fully understood it, they lack the purity of vision and lack the resources

Think about the intellectual roots

Islam didn’t say we’d win everything

It’s easy to believe without a (test inflicting us) trail

Progressive revelation is a mega myth

We think that we are better than that; everyone thinks he is better than the other

We divorce ourselves from the value of Human rights

Egypt, Rome, Greece, Aztec all rose and fell

Islam rises and falls and it is Arab centric

It roose in Arabia then fell
It roose in Turkey then fell
It roose in Africa then fell
Rising in the West….

Allah Ta’ala brought all these people from different nations to be unifed by Islam in order to re-invigorate Islam we should not replicate our divisions. Islam can create community out of chaos, we relate to our own environment

“Thisstan or thatstan”

We have common cultural identity

We have to break down the barriers of racism in our own societies

Islam is about saving people not killing people

We can show people how to live

It takes a lot more courage to live

Have the courage to talk to your neighbours about Islam

Rise above the circumstances a moral vision needs to be put forward to save these people in a western de-humanizing system, which cultivates a climate of hate

Get involved at grass roots levels, involved in school boards at local levels

Relax if it’s decreed then it will happen if it doesn’t then we don’t need to
worry about it

Trust in Allah Ta’ala

We are living for the afterlife

We don’t have anyone but Allah Ta’ala to turn to