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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Imam Zaid Shakir

Collateral Damage

Much of our lives are removed from Islam

Removed from the reality of Islam

What the future holds isn’t what is in the present

After 9/11 the conversation rate was five times as much

In Spain after the bombing they cried out for peace

We are given a false dilemma that is mutually exclusive

Either you affirm your British identity or your Muslim one

A confusing situation, to affirm something that means leaving the other

There is a 3rd option affirm both

We have been given Physic space to think

Totalarian regimes have caused millions to perish. I.e. Marxism

Idiots of the Islamic state who haven’t fully understood it, they lack the purity of vision and lack the resources

Think about the intellectual roots

Islam didn’t say we’d win everything

It’s easy to believe without a (test inflicting us) trail

Progressive revelation is a mega myth

We think that we are better than that; everyone thinks he is better than the other

We divorce ourselves from the value of Human rights

Egypt, Rome, Greece, Aztec all rose and fell

Islam rises and falls and it is Arab centric

It roose in Arabia then fell
It roose in Turkey then fell
It roose in Africa then fell
Rising in the West….

Allah Ta’ala brought all these people from different nations to be unifed by Islam in order to re-invigorate Islam we should not replicate our divisions. Islam can create community out of chaos, we relate to our own environment

“Thisstan or thatstan”

We have common cultural identity

We have to break down the barriers of racism in our own societies

Islam is about saving people not killing people

We can show people how to live

It takes a lot more courage to live

Have the courage to talk to your neighbours about Islam

Rise above the circumstances a moral vision needs to be put forward to save these people in a western de-humanizing system, which cultivates a climate of hate

Get involved at grass roots levels, involved in school boards at local levels

Relax if it’s decreed then it will happen if it doesn’t then we don’t need to
worry about it

Trust in Allah Ta’ala

We are living for the afterlife

We don’t have anyone but Allah Ta’ala to turn to

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