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Friday, June 28, 2019

The Disputations

Part forty three

1. Recite ayah Al kursi with intention of protection when scared or generally

2. There was a student who was punished because he did not accept a local teacher. So he was unable to find anyone to study with...
Respect the teacher or lose out big time!

3. The best syllabus in the world means naught without a teacher to teach it

4. Every Murid of the shadhali order will see the benefit of the use of the plural form in imam Shadhalis duas

5. Re death of a wali
People often do not recognise awliya because they are different to them. This can cause hate or mistrust, of course without basis.
We are losing more awliya day by day and the scary thing is; that they are not being replaced.
People often ask about the awliya and how one can reach Allah. Problem is that people cannot benefit from seen knowledge, so how can they benefit from unseen knowledge? So this is the reason their hearts, awliya, are taken because we do not recognise them and cannot benefit from them.

6. Don't take knowledge from unsocial media

7. I have come to the conclusion that we are heading towards the end of time, where ignorance not knowledge spreads. So people recognise clothing and feelings not knowledge. So ignorant 'speakers' are promoted and the knowledgeable are discarded. This is a sign of ignorance that someone is more famous because someone with knowledge is misunderstood. Also people can relate to ignorance and feeling but not knowledge, so beware fame being the basis for their scholarship!

8. One of the students of sh Muhammad Al hashim r was asked what he learnt, he said, 'in all things there is goodness'

9. The prophetic standard was to encourage sinners and people towards good action and change. Not to make them feel guilty

10. You really are one of the sheep when you do not question the errors of your leader

11. Smart parents don't give their kids smart phones

12. Think about all the times that your needs were fulfilled without dua. Grateful

13. It's an act of hypocrisy to honour a foreign ahl al bayt from your people when you won't even open your front door to those that live locally

14. Being proud about being part of any spiritual path is like being proud of taking a course of medicine or being proud that you go to a particular hospital. The proud are stuck unable to make any progress. You amply the nafs by proud of anything even your murshid.

15. Many years ago, my friends and I visited a teacher. We sat down on the floor and asked him for advice. He lowered his head and said he had no advice to give. At the time I thought wow how humble he is but I don't think that now. When a teacher is asked for something, he has to give it. I was a critical juncture of my learning so I needed it at the time. I did not need his fake humbleness. He knew nothing so could not say anything. Beware because there are more fake teachers than real ones...

16. A fake teacher gives you opinions not knowledge

17. Two types of day of judgment
1. When creation will be judged by God   2. Your death

18. Part of good parenting is sometimes saying no to things that will harm your child

19. Most students need to learn how to be students rather than dream about being a scholar

20. There are two ways that events can be understood and our reactions to them.
The worldly and other worldly
When a murder of a child occurs we understand two things
1. We have to bring him to justice and if that does not occur then the murdered child will get justice on the day of judgment
2. The child dies and has no reckoning so in sha Allah they will enter paradise
One side is evil that is in the world but the afterlife is good.

21. Do not look forward to a future in the past - move on

Thursday, June 06, 2019

The Disputations

Part forty two

1. Virtue is vice and vice is virtue but do you have the skills to see thru lies?

2. He (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) said, "do not busy your hearts by remembering the world." Bayhaqi

3. What others have is the decree of Allah for them so do not dislike the decree of Allah the Exalted.

4. A seekers sincerity is tested by being tried in what distracts them from Allah; until they overcome it, will they progress.

5. Don't sell me your evil; I am not buying

6. Parents who buy bikes for their kids should also buy helmets and protection. Unless you and the kids already have brain damage!?!?

7. The abused becomes the abuser, if they stay long enough

8. If the religious person does not try harder in Ramadan then they have not benefited from it.

9. When you backbite or slander someone online the sin is there until deleted. something you said could be still earning sin years on.

10. A person's faith or disbelief is not your choice, it's theirs

11. Shoving anything down people throats never works. Give people options let them decide for themselves. In faith and action

12. Remember that the world is a prison, wretched and awful. So your heart does not become attached to it. Remember that there has to be injustice in the world for the innocent to have recourse on the day of judgment

13. Unless you see actual filth then you cannot assume that there is filth everywhere. Just wash your hands after you have used public transport and chill

14. Its haram for blokes to wear tight fitted clothes too.

15. What's a wabunni ? It's a sunni who teaches books that he has no ijaza in. Wahabi style!!!

16. Moon sighting have two opinions: global = hanafi, local = shafi. A third opinion which is outside these two, what are those guys over there doing? So the third opinion is outside the four madhabs, and please note morroco is NOT the closest muslim country, Albania is. Albania is in Europe okay! Follow the local masjid that follows the local sighting because global is not reliable.

17. Sidi Ali Al Jamal (May Allah show him mercy) said, "the reward is commensurate to the difficulty."

18. I'm sorry to say this but I am really against this over sexualising of hijabi women. It goes against what it stands for. And yes ladies hijab is not just a head covering, so if you have a face-full of make up, that's not hijab either!

19. People serve their groups and interests when they should serving Allah and His deen

20. There is reward found in struggle like pearls in the ocean. They are not found easily...

21. Check things out before reacting means acting in measured manner to avoid hastiness