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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I condemn you all

I condemn you all

Why should I say anything?

Why should I condemn?

Because you told me to?

Because I should act for justice?

Then let me begin

Are you sitting comfortably?

I condemn those who fabricated a war for natural resources

I condemn those who engineer consent to genocide

I condemn those who invaded peaceful counties

I condemn those who encouraged others to invade

I condemn the racist media - a product of war propaganda

I condemn those who steal land from the massacred

I condemn those who support murderers

I condemn those who bring peace with guns and bombs

I condemn the war machine

I condemn those who with guns

I condemn those who kill and harm innocent civilians

I condemn those who point fingers at others for less

I condemn those who ignore their own criminals

I condemn those companies who exploit modern slaves

I condemn all who fund groups to destabilise sovereign nations

I condemn those who bomb civilians and send in the troops

I condemn those who torture people

I condemn you all who keep innocents behind bars

I condemn you all

I condemn all those who kill, maim, and harm innocents in any manner

I condemn you all repeatedly

Did you get all that?

Did I cover it all?

You wanted my condemnation

Here is my condemnation

I hope it makes you happy

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Bidyah Al-Sul fi Tafdil al-Rasul

Based on the text by Sheikh Izzuddin Abdussalam about the many virtues of the Blessed Prophet (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him)

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Ahl Al-Bayt - forty hadith Sheikh Yusuf Al-Nabahani

Correction on categories of Ahl Al-Bayt
According to Hanafis: five groups of the tribe of Hashim: the family of Ali, Jafar, 'Aqil, Al-Abbas and Al-Harath son of Abd Al-Muttalib.

Shafis: the tribe of Hashim and Al-Muttalib

Hanbalis and Malikis: the tribe Hashim (Source Commentry Jawhar Al-Tawheed)