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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sheikh Atabek Shukurov

Milad speech at fazain Islam

The Unislamic nature of Islamic businesses

Never thought that I would be writing about this subject but I feel compelled to do so. My experience with so called ‘Islamic’ institutions has been overwhelmingly negative. It does not matter what type of business it is; schools, madrasas or Masjids. The people can be from almost any group affiliation that you can think of. The experience is the same. From here on in we shall call them 'businesses' because that’s all that most of them are. 

There is a real sense that some are misleading the public. They have large banners of the name of the institution in which you would assume that things are being run with Islamic ethics. Often this is not the case and almost all my experience has affirmed this reality. Only Ronseal does what it says on the tin!

The names of the businesses are often derived from names or terms in Arabic. But the owners of the business do not realise that because of their bad actions some people curse the institutions. Which means something religious has been cursed and that is why I advise people to be careful when they are naming their institutes.

Many places are full of partisanship that makes the bricks cringe and yet they do not see it themselves. How? Only when one looks in the mirror can they see their big nose even though everyone else can see it all the time!

Often they are run in a ruthless manner by people who would sooner curse you in the streets than help you. As long as you are giving them money and funding their bank accounts they are unconcerned. Their houses and cars get bigger but they are not bothered if they have broken promises to the public that they claim to serve.
Instead of supporting scholars they chase them out of the community. But all the while desire acclaim for their presence even though they did not bring them there in the first place.

They like people to think that they are doing good but really they are forcing every issue to their advantage. They twist the religion when it suits them to attack you and offend you. Aren’t they so good?

Especially evil is when some of them see students who are progressing faster than they are so they put a stop to classes. Or do their best to disrupt the classes as much as they can until the attendance dwindles.

The sad fact is that some of you are sending your child to a 'business' in which the head of the school is the biggest bully. Many pay wages that are illegal but because the employee has accepted the contract it becomes law. If it was not for this illegal wage structure most of these businesses would have one teacher because that’s all that they could afford. That is why many places employ ‘uncles’ who are retired because they do not need to work to earn money! Pay peanuts and you get monkeys! Do not expect your children to learn anything from a monkey!

We have charities who raise funds for projects that never get off the ground and even worse than that the money never reaches the intending source! Someone has instead brought a flashy car with your zakah money!

When you speak to them they are rude and arrogant. To the point that they will reject advice. Rejecting advice is a trait of a disbeliever.

Masjids that are only interested in doing their own activities are mere big boys clubs. Most if not all masjids are big boys clubs who say what goes on in their masjids. The masjid serves them and has nothing to do with Allah (the Exalted). So do not expect any reward from something that is not done for Allah (the Exalted).

Is there a solution?

Well the sad fact is that many of these new institutions are carrying out work that no one else is doing. Then you ask yourself is it worth the risk? I’ll let you be the judge of that. You could, of course, take what you need and leave. As for exposing such people it is not worth the effort because they are so embedded in their way of thinking that they cannot even begin to consider that they are wrong.

Even though they think nothing of going onto websites to attack you but you should not that because that’s unIslamic! They expect you to have morals yet are devoid of any themselves! They lie and cheat but expect you to tell the truth!

All these types of businesses must be accessible to public scrutiny. They must publish all records of funds that enter the businesses and what funds exit. If they are to serve the public they must be held to public analysis.  And to be held accountable to where funds are going. Some legal enforcement may be necessary but unfortunately many charities operate in a backhanded manner.

If the public question the institution they need to have prepared answers. Rather than scream, shout and blame others. Often when you squeeze something you find out what is inside it.

Here we find that there is nothing but insults because you question their methods. The people running these businesses should realise that they are under the public spotlight yet how few of them care!

There is no real solution and that is scary. At the same time there are very good new institutions being founded. So we need to support those who are free from partisanship of any type that favours relatives because if we do that then we have simply become a party to the futile pursuits of serving our egos, rather than serving Islam.

Apologies to someone who is reading this by mistake and those that this does not concern. It really annoys me that these businesses continue but what is the alternative?

Or are we asking for too much to expect a level of professionalism that we have been accustomed to in non muslim organisations? This is not asking too much we should be better, much better but the opposite is true.

How awful is it that we turned something of value into something that is cheap and worthless.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Burden of blame

The current political situation looks very bleak particularly in some regions of the Muslim world. 

There were few Muslim countries that escaped the colonial tyranny that began in 1798. Yet decades after their disappearance their influence remains. The colonised have yet to reassert their Muslim identity.   

Now someone could say why have non Muslims been given authority over us? This is the same the idea that was explored by different minds particularly over the last hundred years. 

We now enter a radical second colonial period which is now stemming from more than one country. It’s almost as if there are big bullies of the world who murder innocent people on the pretext of preventive terrorism. Millions of innocents have been killed since 9/11. Why is it that they remember the anniversary of 9/11 and fail to realise there is a 9/11 everyday in Iraq and Afghanistan?


We could listen to complaints that many Arabs use which is a cop out, frankly. They blame the Jews and in particular the presence of the state of Israel in the occupied territories. Others lay the blame on the understanding of Islam which has caused failure. Others blame the fact that there is no caliphate in place. Etc.

All these sound like scapegoats and attempts to blame others when there is blame to taken. By who? By us. Why? Because of this verse.

وَلَن يَجْعَلَ ٱللَّهُ لِلْكَـٰفِرِينَ عَلَى ٱلْمُؤْمِنِينَ سَبِيلاً
Nisa 4:141

“Allah does not allow disbelievers a way to the believers.”

There are a few opinions on the meaning of this verse but literally it means that Allah (the Exalted) does not allow disbelievers a way to harm believers. So how do we answer the cause of the harm we see in the Muslim world now? We will answer this later but let’s now look at the possible meanings. 

Ibn Ajeebah (may Allah show him mercy) said in Bahr al-Madeed

، { ولن يجعل الله للكافرين على المؤمنين سبيلاً } أي: حجة، أو غلبة في الدنيا والآخرة، وفيه دليل على عدم صحة ملك الكافر للمسلم، فيباع عليه إن اشتراه، ويفسخ نكاحه إن تزوج مسلمة. والله تعالى أعلم.

“Meaning proof or being overcome in the world or afterlife. In it a proof that: (1) there is no valid disbeliever king over the Muslims, (2) in selling or buying, (3) invalidity of a non-Muslim marriage to a female Muslim. And Allah (the Exalted) knows best."

Imam Al-Razi in Al-Mafitah Al-Ghayb

ثم قال: { وَلَن يَجْعَلَ ٱللَّهُ لِلْكَـٰفِرِينَ عَلَى ٱلْمُؤْمِنِينَ سَبِيلاً } وفيه قولان: الأول: وهو قول علي عليه السلام وابن عباس رضي الله عنهما: أن المراد به في القيامة بدليل أنه عطف على قوله { فَٱللَّهُ يَحْكُمُ بَيْنَكُمْ يَوْمَ ٱلْقِيَـٰمَةِ } الثاني: أن المراد به في الدنيا ولكنه مخصوص بالحجة، والمعنى أن حجة المسلمين غالبة على حجة الكل، وليس لأحد أن يغلبهم بالحجة والدليل الثالث: هو أنه عام في الكل إلا ما خصه الدليل، وللشافعي رحمه الله مسائل: منها أن الكافر إذا استولى على مال المسلم وأحرزه بدار الحرب لم يملكه بدلالة هذه الآية، ومنها أن الكافر ليس له أن يشتري عبداً مسلماً بدلالة هذه الآية، ومنها أن المسلم لا يقتل بالذمي بدلالة هذه الآية.

There are two opinions: the first from his speech (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) and Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him), “It means on the day of judgement as a proof that it was linked to the speech, “Allah judges between them on the day of judgement.” The second: meaning in the world and not specific to a proof. Meaning a proof that the Muslims will overcome the proofs of all others and none can over them by proof or evidence. The third: this is general in all except that what is specified as a proof. Imam As-Shafi derives an issue, “From it is that the disbeliever if he takes the wealth of the Muslim and flees to a non Muslim land does not own by the proof of this passage. From it is that the disbeliever cannot buy a Muslim slave by the proof of this passage. And from it is that Muslim cannot be killed for a protected minority by the proof of this passage."

So what are you saying?

When the Saudis invited the Americans to expel Sadaam Hussain from Kuwait in 1990. It was the first time in history that an outside army was invited against another Arab county. So who is busy with innovation now?

This actually laid the foundations of the current invasion of Iraq because they researched about the desert terrain unlike ever before. This made their war so much easier thanks to the Saudi's!

The invasion of Iraq was due to the oil because of the reliance of the world economy on this energy source.   

If it was due to weapons of mass destruction then why are bombing those who purchase them and being silent about those who manufacture them? Those who manufacture weapons of mass destruction are equally to blame if not more so.

Before the invasion, certain political parties of Iraq were invited (into summits in Europe etc) and they agreed on certain measures that would be put into place after the invasion. It’s almost safe to say that all these promises have been broken. The invasion has also caused sectarian violence. Even though after centuries of Muslim rule there was very little sectarian violence and it was limited to certain periods of time. Sunni's and Shia's lived side by side for most of the time. Yet if you pit both sides against each other it keeps them busy so the thieves can do more thieving!  

I remember Habib Ali Al-Jifri saying that the fall of Baghdad (at the hands of the Mongols) in 1260’s was due to the treachery of one minister. Also the invasion of the Mongols into the Muslim world was due to Ismailis murder of a Mongol messenger.

The fall of Spain was due mostly to Muslim kings paying Christian Kings tributes to protect them from other Muslim kings! This gave the Christians money to kill their common foe and then kill those who were paying the tribute! Also the final nail in the coffin of Muslim Spain was the treachery of Boabdil who, on the pretext of seeking leadership, sold out the king.

The war between Russia and Chechnya was ended until the Saudis came in with their extremism and re-ignited the war. Something similar happened in Afghanistan before it was invaded. Also Afghanistan was invaded by the collusion of other local countries. Pakistan being one of them and it’s by their aid that Afghanistan was invaded.

So what am I saying? 

I say that we have given the non Muslims an open door to kill our fellow brethren.
Who is paying the Syrian rebels to do what they do? How can they fund a war effort for a long time? Someone must be paying them. Its haram to rebel against a Muslim leader.

It’s our fault

We cannot blame the non Muslims for what they are doing in the Muslim world. When we are ourselves taking their money (invisible funding) and opening doors for them to kill people.

Allah (the Exalted) has not caused the disbeliever to subjugate us rather we have submitted ourselves to money and riches. We have sold out and we take to take some responsibility.


Well that depends on the way you view the situation. It seems like we are moving towards the end of the world as corruption is widespread. The developed world oppresses their people by making them servants to their desires and those of the developing world are oppressed by remnants of colonial governments. Widespread corruption is a sign that the Mahdi's time is close. 

The main point that I am trying to make is that the Muslims should help each other. We do not have a caliph and in its absence Muslim presidents should help each other. The Arab and Muslim leagues have proven to be ineffective. Their ineffectiveness was exposed when they sent observers to Syria who seemed to have their eyes closed during killings. 

Why are we looking to others to clean up our mess? We need to take some responsibility and work together to support each other’s economies and as well as other types of assistance. 

When things are going wrong in a country then we must come together forward a resolution for the greater good of those involved. Instead of looking on in silence as people are killed. We should do something for the greater good of our brethren.

The state of the Muslims could be changed overnight if we chose to come together and work together. I am not talking about unity rubbish rather I am talking about working together, that’s what we need. The trade of oil to the west strengths their oppression upon the countries that they have invaded. Its unlawful to trade anything to a non-Muslim that allows him to harm other Muslims. So who is to blame? Look at the oil dealers first.

So we do not have anyone to blame but ourselves. Of course the normal person cannot do much but he can make others aware that we will not stand for our leaders to be corrupt.

We have to apply fresh thinking and that does not include putting ourselves or others into danger. We need to be able to sort our own problems out and not allow countries to invade our lands.

Muslim countries must come together, help and support each other. This could happen and we could see a greater change in a short time. Who is going to have the guts to stand up and fight oppression in a positive manner without bloodshed? 

Is it not high time that we came to a peaceful resolution to our problems instead of letting fools dictate the discourse? I wonder which of the current Muslim leaders have some guts and stand against oppression? We need and seek a peaceful solution NOT a violent one.

Sheikh Atabek Shukurov

Towards understanding hadith part four

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Taking bayah with a spiritual master

This is something that cannot be taken lightly for a few reasons. Once you have given bayah then you cannot break it because it’s an oath to Allah (the Exalted). So do not choose your spiritual master off the cuff or because that’s what everyone is doing. Your spiritual master has to be chosen with care and consideration because you will be with that Sheikh until the end of time.

These are the points you should consider before doing anything:

Sidi Ahmed Zarruq (may Allah be pleased with him) said in Usul Al-Tariqah, “Conditions that the Sheikh who accepts students should have himself are five: 
1. Actual experience, 
2. Sound knowledge, 
3. High aspiration, 
4. Happy condition 
5. Piercing insight."

Five things that make him unworthy to be Sheikh (spiritual leader): 
1. Ignorance of the religion,
2. Abandoning the sacredness of the Muslims, 
3. Interfering in what does not concern him,
4. Following his passions in everything 
5. Bad character without heed.”

The first point you should make sure about is their adherence to the sacred law. If they give great speeches and when it’s done they are off to MacDonald’s then they are to be avoided at all costs. 

He has to know the sacred law not to an extremely deep level but to what he and his murids need. So if he is leading a prayer in the masjid without wudu then he is not to be followed, no matter how big his turban is. There are many pretenders to the throne and one thing that should draw your attention is his ijaza. Is it from his father alone? If it is then this is a worrying point. Most of those whose fathers might be spiritual masters do not have children who are likewise. Especially in this time and look if his ijaza is confirmed by other spiritual masters, if it is then rest assured. But you have to flee if they are all from the same family! They should not hide their ijaza by trickery.

Asking for money from their murids is also a clear sign of degradation and corruption. If there is a cause and all the money is going there, then do not fear but if it isn’t then do not reach into your pocket. Your sheikh should not ask for money and he should do all he can but remember costs are incurred in events. What I mean is Pirs whose students queue up to give him money, that type of falseness. Venues, lessons and so forth need to be paid for, but this is a separate matter. 

The best scholars are humble and do not need their hands to be kissed or for you to humiliate yourself before them.

Some people get signs to take the path by the way of dreams. So if you see this then you must seek interpretation of the dream and follow it up.

The first thing you should do is go to the gatherings of that Sheikh and see how you react to his words. Does it stir you to action or does it just bore you? If it is the latter then look elsewhere. See what the murids are like and what do they involve themselves in. If they are sitting around backbiting then this is a bad sign but they are, as they say, the worst advert for the sheikh. Murids are those people who have taken the oath with the Sheikh. Also note just because someone is a Sheikh in knowledge does not mean they are Sheikh in terms of spiritual master ship. If a Murid is drawing or encouraging you to take the oath then watch out. It might be right for him but not right for you.

We do live in a time where many spiritual masters are dying and the like of them are not reappearing. 

Your spiritual master should give you something to do and keep your busy with litanies (award) and other works. If they do not, then do not expect any progress even in a million years. 

He should be open to questions and make himself available for your needs. Sometimes, it is not possible to answer all questions. Though, honest murids get their questions answered without asking with the lessons of the Sheikh. 

When you take a spiritual path then you must be sure and make sure that you pray istikhara for seven days straight and pray for guidance. As a prayer for guidance is never rejected. Read about the masters of the path you want to follow and listen to all the available lectures of that sheikh.

Also consider the access you have to the Sheikh. If they are extremely advanced in age then you may not be able to take advantage with someone younger. Can you attend their lectures? Or are they far away in another country where you do not have a chance to access their knowledge? If it is the latter, are there recorded lectures ready for you to access? If there are then this will help. As in the absence of the Sheikh the recording suffices.  For murids that are strong they do not need much but those who are not strong, which is most of us if not all, we need a lot of input. This can only be done by listening to their lectures in their absence. If there is no spiritual training/tarbiyah then you might have to reconsider the point. As being part of the path is to reach Allah (the Exalted) not to reach a large number. Your Sheikh has to be living and you cannot take an oath with a Sheikh/Pir thats passed away, this is invalid.

Fame is not a good sign whether the scholar is correct or not. A lot of famous sheikhs have problems. The worst problems of any path are the unruly murids who are up to all kinds in the Sheikhs name.  Know that every tariqah has problems. The grass is not greener.

You have to change your ways and if you have taken bayah then do not change your ways then there is no point taking the path. You might as well stay at home as that will do less damage to your soul than to claim that you are with so and so sheikh and are propagating what your Sheikh is against. 

When you are on the path, the most important thing is your sincere intention to reach Allah (the Exalted) and not to reach the Sheikh, as they are the means not the end.

You have to show your sheikh respect by not attending lectures about spiritually from another Sheikh or taking spiritual advice from other masters. 

Know you cannot take two paths at once because it means that you will not make any progress whatsoever. You cannot reach two opposite destinations at once. 

Know that a person who is destined to be a wali will be a wali and it does not matter the path he takes. 

Also note the common Sufi adage, "He who does not have Sheikh, satan is his Sheikh."

Whatever your sheikh says you must try your best to adhere to or there is little point in taking the path. You must also stick to one path and one sheikh. Although you should not obey your Sheikh/Pir if he commands to haram. 

Do not take bayah with another master because this is not the correct manner of taking the path. You can take bayah barakah but you need permission from your spiritual master to do this. Do not do this without permission. In some instances you may need to take bayah tarbiyyah with another Sheikh when ones own is no longer available for one to access or dies or there is a problem that means one cannot access the teachings.

Know that your journey to Allah (the Exalted) is a path full of obstacles and you have to be aware of this. Ibn Arabi (fatuwwa makkiyyah) writes in one of his books about a murid who took bayah with a sheikh and caught him committing illegal fornication. Yet, the murid did not move from following the Sheikh and when the murid was asked why he had not left the Sheikh. The murid said that the Sheikhs sins were between him and Allah (the Exalted) and not the concern of the murid. So this is how the sincere murid should be even if he sees something from his Sheikh that he does not like then he should ignore it and carry on. The Sheikh was testing his murids to find out the sincere ones and there was only one sincere one left out of all those who claimed to be following him. Yet, this was the only one who was faithful to his oath.

Why do we need a spiritual master? 

Because this is a journey into the unknown so without a valid guide then it cannot be traversed. Like a man traveling through a jungle, he cannot get to the other side without a guide. If he decides to go into the jungle on his own then he is likely to be eaten by a wild animal or, the very least, get lost. Yet, with the correct guide one can make good progress and avoid all the pit falls that many fall into.

Others say taking the spiritual path is like making a journey into the unseen. 

Most of all take your time and get the decision right. You are making a major decision and know that those who break bayah either have wilyah blocked from them or if it’s done with disrespect then it can mean that the people who leave the path die as hypocrites. If ones Sheikh/Pir dies then they should take bayah with the one that the was put in charge before the Sheikhs death. Or take another Sheikh. Know that there is always a disagreement after the death of a big Sheikh. So if your Sheikh dies you should either take bayah with the one who is designated to take over or find another path.

The spiritual way is not something to be trifled with and nor is it an easy matter.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

How Sunni Islam has been affected by Wahabism and Selefism

This seems to be an insurmountable subject but like the latter group it is not as complex as it seems.

Modernist Roots

Both have separate roots but they have been nurtured by British foreign policy. The Selefi’s come from Egypt by the way of the students of Muhammad Abduh (1905). Abduh was a known freemason and did not deny this when he was accused of it. See Afghani and 'Abduh by Elie Kedourie. Abduh most known student was Rashid Rida (1935) and he wrote spreading much of the ideas of his teachers as well as adding his own.

Basically their premise was the result of foreign occupation was the failure of Islam. So if we reform it then we will attain victory. The passage of history has shown this is not true because political Islam has failed because it is not grounded in traditional roots. The growth of Rashid Rida’s idea was due to the support of British foreign policy to undermine the traditional Islamic scholars. And it worked because look at the mess we are in now as the ideas of opposing Sufism as ripe as there were then.

Eventually his idea’s influenced many in Egypt to remove Sufism from the public realm and forced it into the background. Sayyid Qutb was also indirectly influenced as he wrote forwarding these ideas as well as mutazilite ideas. He was described as the father of fundamentalism and he was instrumental in bring marxist ideas into the modern discourse.

Wahabi roots 

M. Abdul wahab (1792) was born in the Najd where the horn of satan was said to emerge. His father and brother were top Hanbali scholars and would later advise people not to follow him. The latter wrote the book word of advice translated by Abu Jafar Al-Hanbali.

He preached that grave worship had spread in the Ummah thus many were polytheists. Eventually he made a pact with M. Ibn Saud to propagate his ideas by the sword. So in a time where Muslims were killed all over Europe because of the rebellion against the Ottoman Empire as well as other occupations in Muslims lands. The Wahabi's went on a rampage killing the entire inhabitants of Mecca and Medinah.

Eventually the Ottoman Sultan ordered Muhammad Ali Pasha (1849) the present leader of Egypt to fight the Wahabi’s. The re-conquering of the sacred sites was completed in 1853.
The Wahabi’s retreated to Kuwait and laid in wait until the 1920’s when the Wahabi’s come back to Mecca and Medinah and massacred the inhabitants again as well as moving to Taif. (See History of Middle East by Peter Mansfield) One of the most disgusting massacres was the spilling of the blood of four thousand pilgrims. Women were taken as slaves and you can guess how they were treated. The Wahabi’s were the funded to the tune of 26,000 from the troves of the British. (Ibid)

Why? So they undermined the Ottoman state. So here traces the root of Wahabism. King Abdulaziz (1953) was the leader on whose actions made sure that no tribe in Arabia would rebel against him.

He married into every tribe so this affirmed their loyalty to him. Also thanks to petrol dollars they have been propagating their and the ideas of the Selefis since then. If Abdulaziz was concerned with Islam and Muslims why did he support the destruction of the Ottoman Empire and even the founding of Israel?

Islam is about following the sacred law of the Quran and the prophetic legacy and not following ones one opinion!
So the roots of these groups are different but they are mostly the same head of the same problem. They are both groups founded to rebel against the Ottoman state also these two groups are the most opposed to the West. So it seems the result of subverting Islam by the means of the British has affected themselves. They oppose their western masters and get all the press for hating the west! Well most people hate their employers!


There have been many refutations of the above groups. Some are better than others the two most recent translations that we found useful are, The Notions that need correcting by Sheikh Muhammad Alawi Al-Makki and the Realities of Sufism by Sheikh Abdulqadir Isa. Both titles are published by Sunni publications.

There are other publications but they are not useful and respond in a rhetoric that is not constructive as you cannot put out a fire by pouring petrol over it. A lot of refutations are written in a defensive and insulting manner.  


Both groups undermined the role of traditional Sunni scholars from everywhere. Why? They can undermine hundreds of years of Sunni scholarship. They attack scholars and they influence the common man by giving him ideas that he cannot refute easily. He (the average person) needs to know something so confuse them with things that they are not able to disagree like preaching that Muslims are grave worshiping but this was never the case. People who visit graves of the Awilyah do so to make a supplication to Allah (The Exalted). There is no grave worshiping going on at all!

They also wrongly portrayed the understanding of tawheed/the oneness of Allah. As well as innovation/bida’ is rampant in the Muslim Ummah. So they seek to reform using their ideas but it’s all futile as the only reason that we are talking about the Wahabi’s is petrol money. If they did not have this then they would have disappeared to where they came from, the desert! The strange thing is that they destroy religious sites yet build a wretched clock tower that overshadows the kaaba and claim they are its servants! This is not innovation? Its the greatest innovation of this group.

Here are two important points. Many are self appointed scholars who can give fatwa without having the need to study. If I would tell you that I could perform heart surgery because I have read a book would you trust me? No way so is religion more important than surgery or less? It’s more important so take your religion from those who are qualified. The second point is that they rebel against scholars, this a relevant point that you should all note.
Arguing and confusing people is their dhikr and it’s to put off Sunni’s from making Dhikr! They are Muslims who have extremely large beards that resemble the size of a beard that a Jew grows. If you think I am joking then take a peek at an unkempt beard of Jew and there are almost the same. I am not mocking I am just pointing it out because it’s very scary.
Their version of Islam is understood as two colours black and white. Yet they ignore the colours of Islam because they claim there are no colours of the rainbow.

Orientalist’s dream

The Orientalist’s dreamed up a figure of a Muslim a man who had insatiable appetite for murdering infidels and for women. The example of this could never be found until these groups came to the fore. It was also as if they were making a predication.


As we all know the four Madhabs of Sunni Islam are something that defines a Muslim and the above group rejects these outright. To reject these schools is nothing short of a disaster because they will never reach the standards of understanding the Arabic language. Nevermind trying to implement it a ruling from a language they do not understand!

You are not men like them because they were in the golden three generations and their teachers were companions. So if your teachers were taught by the companions maybe you are the same but following unqualified position that you have made up because you have your translation is nothing sort of misguidance. You are misguided and you will misguide anyone who asks you. Forget being taught all they need to give a ruling is the Quran and Sahih Bukhari – they do not even know Arabic language!

If someone says that the companions did not have Madhabs that’s true but if you are companions then I can accept the argument but if you are not then you do need a Madhabs. Follow the scholarship that the majority of Ummah has followed for around 1400 years. The companions did not look into Bukharis collection of hadith and make up a ruling! It was written over hundred years and fifty years later! Instead they studied with teachers unlike the Wahabis who do not study.

Sunni’s historically would not rebel against their leaders mostly because the leaders of yesterday are not like the leaders of today. Most, if not all, are puppet governments who take their begging bowls to wealth countries asking for money which goes into secret bank accounts.
The worst type of rebellion is the rebellion against scholars. This comes in form of questioning them to their face or posting in chat rooms and internet forums about how they made a mistake.

This is a normal for the Wahabi’s and Selefi’s as they think they are scholars. Yet they cannot recite the Quran properly but think they can give a ruling from it? How can you understand a book that you cannot even recite properly?                     

Treatment of scholars and respect

The Sunni's now treat many scholars with distain and frequently undermine them even their own spiritual masters. They chase up their ‘mistakes’ which is often a valid difference of opinion. But because one side knows only one side they do not back down.

Those with the least amount of knowledge are the worst trouble makers thinking that they know better than scholars. And this is nothing but a direct result of the effect of Wahabism and Selefism.
The respect for anyone goes out of the window as soon as they disagree with you. You attack them which the same vigor as you would an enemy.

Respect of the common Muslim has gone never mind any protracted respect for Ahl Al-Bayt which is non-existent now.


Intellectually the Wahabi’s and the Selefis lost their wheels because it was destroyed by English speaking scholars in late 90’s. It was then we saw a return to Sunni Islam for a lot of followers of these groups as well as the Ikhwani’s/ Muslim brotherhood. Even though their influence remains, it is in a much diminished state.

It should also be noted those speaking Urdu did not destroy the intellectual power of these groups; rather it was English speaking scholars. Do you understand the need for English speaking scholars?

Scholars such as Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, Abdul Hakim Murad, Sheikh Nuh Ha Mim Keller and Sheikh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi as well as others. Whether you like it or not.


As we stand, some groups main purpose is to fight the Wahabi’s and Selefi’s and they have no other purpose.

This is not a good purpose because these groups are trying to do something practical by giving women access to the masjid and learning etc. This is something that women do not get in many traditional communities. Also they tackle real issues like the importance of prayer, hijab and drugs. Things that are not generally discussed by someone speaking Urdu because he does not know the environment that he has been implanted.

When we debate each other we swear, curse and disrespect each other. So do you think that someone will see your point when you insult them? Do you have the right to debate? It was permissible for scholars long ago but not now. Many scholarly debate is meant to win a debate with slander, insult, harshness and argumentation. There is no desire for the truth as it was before.

So what about now when you are an average person? You have no right to debate from which ever camp you come from. Causing hatred and animosity is prohibited. Neither should it be something that you involve yourself in.

When many fight what they perceive as evil their reaction is evil. So which of you are any better then? Because you are both doing evil! You cannot put a fire out with petrol!

He said it

This is when someone says something that you do not like or you wish you said it or you want to refute but cannot. So you curse or attack them in an unfair manner which leads to animosity.

Just because someone has said something that you do not like does not mean that you have to argue or disagree just let it pass and stop being so sensitive!


This happens on both sides of the fence. The Wahabi’s dislike that the Prophet (may Allah bestow peace and blessings be upon him) is praised so try to counteract this even to the extent of not showing the correct manners when his name is mentioned. By purposely leaving salutations out.

On the Sunni side you see people attack others for showing ‘disrespect’ to religious figures when no disrespect occurred! Many of the Sunni's consider those who do not do as they do as incorrect. This is partly due to the fact that we believe that we are only ones who can talk about him and no one else can.

This occurs because of bad opinion of our brothers and our own bad interpretation. So there may be several interpretations to someone’s speech but we use the single one that has a negative connotation.When a Muslim should be the opposite! He should make an excuse for his brother never mind someone known as a scholar.

This is just total fallacy and it sickens me every time I see and hear such repugnant behavior. There is not just one interpretation of Islam and whatever you say might be wrong or right as well as mine. But that does not give you the right to accuse your fellow brother of disrespect that he is innocent of.

Moving forward

If you are friends from opposite camps; what you agree about is more important than what you disagree about. So do not bring up points that cause dissension. We also need to note that Sunni Islam is being destroyed because people are not involving themselves in Knowledge or interested in attending lectures of sacred knowledge.

We must involve ourselves in trying to better our communities and come to an agreement to be in involved in projects that we affect our areas. In a positive manner and not in a destructive manner, like now.
We must give people the benefit of the doubt and not attack or curse people.
Sunni Islam must not focus all its energies trying to refute some groups as they must re-focus on setting up institutes of learning. The Sunni’s must co-operate with each other rather than undermine each other’s efforts.
We cannot remove each others groups so we must learn to live with each other because we will need each other in the future.

We must have a focus on seeking knowledge in our communities, without it we are merely a paper tiger. That can be blown over by another paper tiger but if we are a building then it cannot be blown over by a paper tiger.

Learning books about argumentation is like a naked man putting on a coat. It might keep him warm but he needs actual clothes and that is sacred knowledge. This is how you can stay strong.

The problem is that most Sunni’s are not bothered about knowledge and even if there is knowledge open for them then they do not access it. So many people are praying without valid wudu and if that’s invalid then you can forget about everything else. Going to general lectures is like being pumped with air! Its effect is gone by the time you put your shoes on, to go home.

Until we learn that knowledge is our way out we shall be stuck in this problem. As it’s from the Sunni’s that the most defections to other groups occur.

We wrote this out of genuine concern about the state of Muslims because need to wake up to the work we need to do.
If knowledge is not important then read this. Only a balanced Sunni revival can rescue the situation that we face. As no other groups will be given success unless the Sunni's are not doing what they should be. Then another group will be given support. This is something we see so clearly now.