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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Habib Ali al-Jifri

The Strength of Beauty and the Beauty of Strength

The Disputations

Twenty seven

1. When Allah opens the door for you do not be scared to go in. 

2. There is someone in everyone’s family who does not die of old age. 

3. You cannot start the car and drive in the same gear all the time. Because you have to react to your environment and you have move quickly, stop and move. So like your life you can move quickly at times and you have to pause sometimes. You have to change gears as each gear has a reason to be used.
4. When you drive up a steep hill you have to change to a lower gear. Or you will not ascend at the same speed. If you stay in the same gear then you'll slow down and maybe stop. So the higher you go in this deen the lower you'll have be or else you'll slow down because your head is too high...

5. When you drive the front window is where the most attention needs to be paid because if you look in the back window everything is in order. Like our lives what is coming to us is important but once its gone - its in the past. 

6.  Your greatest asset is your greatest weakness ; if you do not rely on Allah (the Exalted)

7.      When Allah (the Exalted) sends you tribulation he wants you to soar not sink.

8.      Your Nafs drives you to sin and satan encourages you to commit it. So do you blame satan when you should blame your nafs! 

9.      Allah wants to give you a great reward so he sends you a great tribulation.

10.  Before asking the question; ponder if you are receptive to an answer. If you are not then do not ask! 

11.  Do not look forward to a future in the past - move on. 

12.  All past tense verbs in Arabic are Mabni meaning they are indeclinable - they cannot be changed. Your past is like that it cannot be changed only your present and future can be changed.  

13.  Abu Hanifah (may Allah show him mercy) said, ‘Whoever finishes the Qur'an twice a year as performed its right.’ 

14.  You will not benefit from the book if you do not respect its author. 

15.  When you supplicate and raise your hands; your hands are working in conjunction with your heart. As it is better sign of the servant to raise his hands because if he supplicates from just his heart then he is not in unison to his heart. As when these work together does the servant show his true submission; with his whole being. 

16.  No one lives a life without being tested. But everyone’s tests are different. 

17.  The greatest cause of blindness is love. 

18.  If you that there is one scholar deserving of being followed more and not the rest then you have left ijammah. 

19.  You cannot prove something that is not there. You cannot change something to fit your desires especially not the deen. 

20.  The greater you hold onto this world, the greater your pain will be when it leaves you.