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Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Disputations

Part Forty

1. Truth spreads slow and lies spread quickly

2. It's very sad to know that people use libraries for the computers and meet people. Borrowing books seems to be the least thing that people do in libraries.

3. Most people who say that they are waiting for mehdi is a cop out. It's because they are too lazy to do anything and are using it as an excuse

4. A great sign of the Mahdi is that the world is filled with oppression

5. Allah looks at the heart and people look at clothes

6. dont be upset about what you cannot change

7. supplication is the recourse of the weak

8. Film making is the art of convincing you that something is happening when actually it is not. Its an art of deception that manipulates and stimulates your emotions into feeling something that does not actually exist. None of it is real but yet we are obsessed about them.

9. True sincerity is that one performs an action for Allah, not for anything or anyone and not for recognition even if it works out or does not. Thats sincerity.

10. The Quran is a proof for you or a proof against you.
Proof for you if you read it and a proof against you if you don't

11. Ibn Ata Allah said he studied with Abu al Abbas al mursi (ra) and in thirteen years never found him opposing the sacred law once.
 Abu al Abbas main teacher was who? Sidi Abu al Hassan as shadhali (r)
True tasawwaf

12. Each scholar is like a container of water: some are purer than others, some are poisonous, some are intoxicating in a bad and others in a good way. But most of all be careful where and what you drink...

13. Imam Al-Ghazali said, "worship is not valid until you know who you are worshipping."

14. Whatever we do its always about the afterlife..

15. Some men, like bats or owls, have better eyes for the darkness than for the light.
Charles dickins

16. يا غنيا بالدنانير محب الله اغني
O rich one by gold coins [know] the lovers of Allah are richer. [a poet]

17. If satan wants to attack you then he can do it by other people. So you become distracted by the attack and you miss out on doing acts of worship. So direct yourself even more to Allah then the attack will cease

18. The distance of the spiritual path is the time it takes to clean ones heart

19. Those who are anti knowledge; don't have any!!

20. The state someone cooks is transferred to the person who eats the food

21. The world would be a better place without social media