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Friday, February 17, 2012

The Disputations

Part seven

1. Are you in control of your desires or do your desires control you?

2. The end is coming; are you ready?

3. If you want to see someone turn away from you then put some hopes in them.

4. Be like water in the divine decree.

5. You can't complain about something that you are not doing anything to change.

6.  What meant so much yesterday means nothing today.

7.  Scholars who follow their passions destroy themselves and those who follow them.

8. It’s not easy to change the status quo.

9. Knowledge and practice have been replaced by zoolatry and partisanship.

10. If you do not pray today then you pay on that day!

11. Think before you speak because you can't ever take it back.

12. One of the most dangerous things in the world that you can do is think.

13. The past is gone so don’t cry, the future is unknown so don’t wonder why and the present is the gift before you.

14. Read and think carefully before reacting. Small details have massive meanings.

15. Jesus loves all Muslims it’s just Christian polytheists that he has a problem with!

16. How happy would others be to exchange their problems for our petty problems.

17. Sadness and anger can spiral out of control, if you let them.

18. Each second, each moment, each hour, each day, each week, each year is less than what you had previously, our time is running out.

19. We all find ways to deal with our problems but sometimes we shouldn’t go down roads where we know the destinations.

20. When hearts know each other; what use are words?

21. Fools do not want others to learn because they are ignorant.

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