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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sheikh Atabek Shukurov


“Repent to Allah, together.” The Light 24:31

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “Whoever is taken into account is punished.”

If we are offered our sins we will be forgiven (on the day of judgement) but if our sins are counted we will be punished

Sincere repentance is to repent and to reject the sin inwardly and outwardly

To repent you must return to Allah (mighty and majestic) and be sorry for what you have done, make intention not to return to it

Repentance is intention and determination

The conditions of repentance
1. Cease the sin
2. Have regret
3. To make intention not to return to it
4. To give someone’s rights back, if it is between you and other people

Repenting from major sins is necessary and repenting from minor sins is desired

Mutaziltes and Khawarij saw that minor sins needs repentance and major sins need expiation/Kafar

A sin can be between you and Allah (mighty and majestic) or it can be between you and people

Stolen items from someone must be returned or you must ask for forgiveness for hurting someone; ask Allah to forgive you; Supplicate for that person

If you backbitten or hurt someone and it did not reach him then do not go to tell him, just repent to Allah (mighty and majestic).

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