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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sheikh Atabek Shukurov

Types of clothing, definition of nakedness/Awrah

Clothing is five types
1. Fard/Obligatory to cover the awrah/nakedness of a person. A males nakedness is between the navel and knees, including the knees. A females nakedness is her whole self excluding her hands and face. There is a dispute according to the feet, according to Ibn Abideen and his son the feet it is nakedness in the prayer and not outside but the other way around according to others. The nakedness of female Muslims between each other is the same as a male. As for a non muslim women this depends if she will describe her to other women, if she does then it’s not permissible.

There is no nakedness between wife and husband!

Mahrem is someone that you can never marry – ever!

The nakedness between these are the same as a males including, stomach, back and sides

Milk sister is the same as a sister but they cannot travel with each other

The levels of clothing:
1. The obligation of clothing is to wear what will protect you from the weather. You have to wear clothes appropriate to the weather, for cold weather wear warm clothes etc.

2. Mustahab/desired
Clothing that is in addition to the obligatory amount.

3. Mubah/Permissible clothing – permissible means that there is no sin or reward for that act
To wear beautiful clothing

4. Makruh/highly disliked clothing
Anything that shows arrogance, clothes that mimic the people of oppression, clothes beneath ankles to show arrogance, colours that are for women that men wear – this is depending on the locality and some clothing that the nakedness can be seen – if it's the colour of skin, too tight and see prohibited clothing.

5. Haram/prohibited clothing
Silk for men – it has to be more than four fingers stripes – the prohibition with silk is wearing it,
Symbols of other religions unless it is common then its highly disliked,
Clothes that are tight around the nakedness or show nakedness and shoes for women that make sounds.

Women can wear any type of rings.

Men can only wear a silver rings, the weight of ten grams of silver. To be worn on the ring or small finger,(either hand) if it’s worn on another finger then it’s highly disliked. (index or middle finger)

(All types of Gold Haram/prohibited for men)

To dress children in disliked or prohibited clothing is a sin for the parent not the child.

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