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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Marrakesh Trips

One of my friends asked me to post this:

"Salamo alaykom everybody

I'm brahim from Marrakesh, Morocco.

Anyone who wants to visit seven man awliya of Marrakesh then I am an English speaking guide ready to take you. They are:
Sidi Youssef ben Ali
Sidi Al Qadi Iyad
Sidi Abu l'Abbas As-sabti
Sidi sulayman al-jazouli (Imam Jazouli)
Sidi Abdelaziz attabaa
Sidi Abdellah al-Ghazwani
Sidi Imam As-Souhayli

There are other awliya outside Marrakesh like :
Moulay Abdessalam ben Mashish in tetouan
ibi yaaza in khnifra
Sidi Abdel-Aziz adabagh and Moulay Idriss in Fes and others....."

Please email him for prices.
Brahim is a resident of Marrakesh so he can show you those sights easily.

For further details please email him not me!

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