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Thursday, June 03, 2010

The reality of tests

We are in the season of exams for all those in education. Many are asking for supplications to succeed. Students are either working hard revising or chilling out thinking that they do not need to revise. We were thinking about tests and wondering why we need tests.

Exams are in place to make sure that you have learnt the lessons that you have been taught. So the exam is a reflection of your understanding or lack of. If you fail then you cannot progress with your chosen educational field. You may need to resit the exam or you may need to take another route to a job.

Similarly, the tests of the world are exactly the same. We are given tests to see if we have learnt how to deal with a situation. And if we have learnt to deal with them then we are elevated to a higher grade and this helps us progress. If we fail then we are stuck until we get the message and or get another test.

So when you face a test know this is your chance to reach another level and pass with flying colors. Do not curse the test because you think that its too difficult to bear; if you make it then be aware that that you have reached a new level in this lifetime and in the next.............

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