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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Respecting the teacher

Chapter eighteen

This is something that I need to practice.

Respecting the teacher is one of the manners that a student needs to show; if he is to progress with the blessings of his teachers. When the teacher speaks you should be listening and never interrupt them. If you need to ask them a question then do in the manner we have explained before.

When the teacher enters the room you can stand for them, this is your choice the best teachers will tell you not to do this. You may find some teachers not receptive to accepting presents, do not mind this because they want the reward for their teaching in paradise not now. Most teachers will accept presents but put thought into them and do not give them something that they will not use. Some teachers may not accept presents so be mindful of this.

The best way to sit in front of a teacher is on your knees, if you cannot do this then resting on either leg, if you cannot do this then sitting cross legged but never raise your knees in front of the teacher, this shows disrespect. If you have teaching rooms that have chairs then use them, as the above information is for those who are sitting in the traditional way on the floor.

Sometimes, scholars write complicated things in their books which lead the student to be confused. The student should show respect to the scholar whose book he is reading and make a supplication for him. I have seen many students disrespect the scholar whose book they are reading, do not think that you are going to anywhere by doing this. You will not benefit from the knowledge that you have learnt and incur the wrath of losing knowledge. It is a real wrath of God to loss knowledge because you have disrespected a teacher.

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