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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Rights that Muslims have over each other

Part two

Religious aspect

This is a subject that I have been meaning to tackle for some time. We were reading the Quran and fell upon this verse:

“Whoever kills a Muslim, on purpose, will be recompensed with eternal punishment and Allah’s anger and curse is upon him. Prepared for him is a great torment.”
The Women 4:93

That verse should be enough for anyone  who want to kill another Muslim to think again and stop doing such a vile act. Killing anyone is unlawful and the person doing such action deserves the punishment of the full weight of the law.

There has been many examples of gang violence which is not just directly outwardly (which is bad enough) but also inwards. Any acts of unjustified violence are not allowed and are unwelcome.

Most of the violence that occurs within the Asian community is affecting itself and is self induced. We have Muslims beating each other up and even worse than that. It can be difficult to differentiate between the people doing the action and the reasons. There can only be one reason for gang violence, ignorance. It is pure and putrid ignorance, in its sickest form. The treatment of women is at times so bad that I cannot explain my disgust. Please click here for treatment of women.

This verse does not need to be explained, just to be understood. A Muslim cannot harm another Muslim, it is as simple as that. And if a Muslim (Allah protect us) kills another then the will receive a painful punishment. Tafsir As-Sharbini states, “The meaning is a long time as there is manifest proof that a sinful Muslim will not be punished forever; he is not mentioned in the verse.” (p. 385)

Are we so far away from our religion that people cannot see that the people have a right not to be harmed? We seem to enjoy segregating ourselves from like members of our own people, then form rivalries against them. Claiming that some areas are better than others then fighting over it. You have “lost the plot” if you think that is justified in any way.

If you have a problem about something then talk it out! Do not fight each other because as far as I am concerned the person who raises his fist first has already lost. Muslims have to be smarter than this and realise that the world’s media is looking at us. Any of our actions could be used against us then twisted to mean something that it is not. We need to be careful, may Allah protect us all.

Some of us may be feeling slighted by another and then retaliate in the most brutal manner. In the most inhuman manner possible. I was shocked to read the description of some of the events but it did not surprise me. We truly live in a time that madness is the norm. Where people listen to the one who screams the loudest not the one who possesses the truth.

As people, as a nation, the Western Muslims must learn to understand the areas and the times that they live in. I cannot exclude myself from this because my silence is enough of a sin and the fact that I have not done anything about it, is enough.

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