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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Empty Rooms

I remember once I was getting a new carpet for a room. Part of the process was to clear everything out of the room.

I took out all the furniture, books and the old carpet in preparation for the new carpet. Then I noticed something very strange whilst walking in the bare room. My footsteps were making a lot of noise.

So I pondered for a moment then thought it cannot be my footsteps because I was wearing the same footwear as before; then I realised why the room was making so much noise; there was nothing in the room!

So remember the reason why things make a lot of noise; is because they are empty, not because they are full and not because of the person passing through. 

Similarly some people are like empty rooms they make lots noise but are empty inside. In my experience the more noise someone makes the emptier they are!

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