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Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Sharp Choice

The other day a button came off my shirt, nothing earth shattering there, so I picked it up and took it home to sew on later.

After arriving home I took the sewing box out and began looking for the closest colour to my shirt. I found a few colours but none of them matched except for one but even that was not close. Now all that I needed was a needle.

I searched and got to the bottom of the box. Then found a needle with some thread on it. It was the same colour as the thread as I needed.

Alhamdulillah, the needle and the thread was waiting for me!

Pondering for a moment I thought about all those choices that I had considered and in the end it came down to one thing. The choice was already made for me. All I had to do is find it.

Like all those choices we are about to make there is one that will definitely occur and that is the choice that has already been chosen.

One of my friends used to say the Arabic word Makutub when something disliked occurred. After hearing it we would relax. The work Makutub means written (it's also a good way to remember the Ism Maful) it indicates to us that the action has already occurred. It is the passive participle of writing/Kataba. So why worry about the Dunya? Make a sincere choice and it will, in sha Allah, be the best.

Sometimes we hate something but there is a great deal of good in it and sometimes love something although there is a great deal of harm in it.

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