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Friday, December 10, 2010

Advice for the Seekers of Knowledge - all the posts

We were inspired to write this because of the bad behavior we witnessed that students showed to their teachers. One post turned into two as more advice was needed. We hope that we have covered all the important points that a student of knowledge should bear in mind. We did not intend to write so much but that is how it turned out. Sometimes we plan but are plans are overtaken by the greatest of planners. We hope that this will benefit the believers and we hope that Allah supports us by allowing us to acting upon this advice.

This post comprises all the previous posts on the 'Advice for the seekers of knowledge.' Please click on a link to read the post (s). This is as far as we have got and if we post any more then we will add them to this list in sha Allah.

Or you can go to scribd and download the whole document.

Chapter one -Your knowledge is pointless

Chapter two - Intention of the learner

Chapter three - How to ask a scholar a question

Chapter four - Sitting in lectures

Chapter five - Choice of teacher

Chapter six - The right that learnt knowledge has over you

Chapter seven - Waiting for the Scholar

Chapter eight - Studying

Chapter nine - Teacher's pet

Chapter ten - Students attaire

Chapter eleven - Errors of the Teachers

Chapter twelve - Sins of Students

Chapter thirteen - character with other students

Chapter fourteen - Instructions of the teacher

Chapter fifteen - knowledge

Chapter sixteen - signs of success

Chapter seventeen - advice for the teacher

Chapter eighteen - respecting the teacher

Chapter nineteen - instruments of learning

Chapter twenty - harm from others when learning

Chapter twenty one - respecting scholars

Chapter twenty two - respecting the sacred word

Chapter twenty three - cutting corners

Chapter twenty four - when imparting knowledge to others

Chapter twenty five -

Chapter twenty six

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