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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Gaps in study

Chapter twenty five

You may experience gaps in your studies which can be unexpected and unwanted. As any student will inform you they want to keep their progress up and do not want to have many breaks, as this hinders learning.

It can also hinder finishing text because of the long gap. We are not talking about missing weeks but we are talking about missing months. If this occurs then try to go to deen intensives of other teachers. This may help keep the momentum of learning because a large gap could cause a difficulty when restarting the lessons.
The best use of the spare time you have is to study and re-check what you have learnt. Rather than occupy yourself with something else new. You could read a related text or even read something that is unrelated but that should only be done to refresh the mind. As you may have times when you get bogged down in a subject.
Most of all knowledge requires you to be consistent and persistent; if you are neither of these things then you many never reach your goal or you may take longer than others.
As Roy Castle used to say, “Dedication is what you need; if you want to be a record breaker!”We need to show more dedication in a time where you cannot study with your regular teacher.

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