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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Respecting the sacred word

Chapter Twenty Two

This is something that we have touched on earlier but it needs to be re-itterated. We have to show respect to sacred knowledge and all that contains or bears sacred knowledge. This means books, papers, audio and of course scholars.

Respecting a scholar means let them finish speaking, never interrupt, showing humbleness in their presence, asking the right questions and showing them the upmost respect. For more details about this please see previous post.

Respecting religious materials is respecting anything with anything religious on it. It does not matter if it is Arabic, English, Urdu, Turkish, Malay or any other language. You have to respect it and treat it correctly. Some people think it is okay to place translations of the Quran on the floor, then refuse to pick it up when told to. If you are a Muslim and you need proof to show respect to the speech of God, then you better think again and wake up. How many things do we do without proof?

If you have respect to religious materials then this shows you are a good student. If you do not show respect then this makes me think that there is nothing good in that student of knowledge. The common person has an excuse because they have little knowledge but even then the common folk show the Quran a lot of respect.

Remember to never interrupt someone who recites a verse of the Quran, reads a hadith and then the speech of the companions etc. Let that person finish and disagree (if you must) with the opinion but do not interrupt the narration.

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