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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Habib Umar ibn Hafiz

Part Seven of Seven

Seventh Session

The outward should not conflict the inward

The shariah should be followed; these are Allahs rulings

Applying the rulings of the scared law whilst spiritual journeying

They ascribe their good deeds to Allah

When they travel this way Allah bring them out of the darkness into the light

Ask Allah for success, pardon, pleasure and to be with the righteous

He witnesses that every blessing is from Allah

Allah created us and what we do

Our ability and deeds are created, however we are responsible for the action

A person will be asked about they are responsible for

Final session and Question and Answers

There is a summary of the shariah, the reality and spiritual journeying

Pharaoh, Harrun had great armies and empires but were oppressors; then final outcome was in favour of Musa (upon him peace)

They are in a persistent punishment now and will arrive at a greater punishment

The fire is presented to them in the morning and evening

Musa, Haroon and their followers are show bliss in the morning and evening

Our master Hassan ibn Ali cried near death; our master Hussain said, “Did not Ali, your mother Fatima and your grandfather the Messenger of Allah all die?” he replied, “I swear by Allah that I am not crying for sadness of death or for leaving the world but I fear that I will die and I will not travel as they travelled.”

This is the fear of someone truthful


We have ability to acquire deeds and we are responsible for that

When someone does something they are held in responsibility for their action

If someone sees a dream it has to be in the sacred law if it is not then the problem is with the person who saw it

Deem all obstacles as major

Directly yourself to Allah and have glad tidings

Do not seek to be protected from sin because that’s is for the Prophets (upon them peace)

If you make a mistake repent and return

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