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Thursday, October 01, 2009

The instruments of learning

Chapter nineteen

Respect your books, pens, paper and anything you use to in order to learn because this will help you attain a greater level. A person who respects his book will get knowledge that is not written in his book. It was said that a Indian scholar used to memorise any page of a book he saw. When asked about this he said that he never touched a piece paper without being in a state of ablution.

If you see a pen on the floor pick it up and put it somewhere safe. Do not throw pens across the room and try not to forget them when you leave a teaching space.

When carrying book try to carry it with your right hand. If you have are carrying bag with books in them then try not to place them on the floor, either put them on a table, another seat or in another place.

Do not raise your feet about any books that you have in your house or elsewhere. Books that you have at home should be kept in a respectable place and not in a place where they can be torn by children.

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