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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Chapter Fifteen

Knowledge is the most important thing that you’ll do in your life; you have to treat it like that. You have to give it, its right, it is truth and you have to ready to carry it to people but most of all yourself. Learn the basics, everything that you need everyday, and then affirm yourself in it, until you know it well.

Know that you have to study to get somewhere and you have to keep studying in order to get to your destination. When you know it enough you must teach even just to one person and don’t every turn anyone down.

You must leave things that take you away from knowledge or knowledge will leave you, it’s that simple. You must devote yourself to knowledge it must be your only concern and all your concerns.

People of knowledge need to be sincere in obtaining knowledge, not for show or grandiose or to win arguments or elevate yourself in front of others. It has to be solely for Allah and to revive the religion in yourself first; through the means of practice.

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