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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Character with other students

Chapter Thirteen

This is something that I have the most difficulty with. I am struggling to implement this myself.

You may be studying with the teacher in a small group or a large group either way, be aware of the needs of those around you. Some of them may know more than you and they may also know less but realise their intention may make them excel faster and quicker than you.

You might hear a question, from them, asked that you can answer, should remain silent and allow the teacher to answer. Take note of the answer; as you will always get more from the teacher. If you answer the question then you loose the chance to learn more, you know the answer but the teacher may give you more details that you did not know. So, now you can add more details to your answer.

If you know more than the students around you, you should let them have the floor for questions, prefer them to yourself for questions. When they have asked their questions and then ask yours especially if they have benefit. Sometimes you may know that asking a certain question will benefit those around you so ask that question.

You should let them finish and not interrupt their voices or questions, allow them time. If you know more then you should not be overbearing in the class as this will have a negative effect on the class. This may even cause people to leave the class as they can get easily disenchanted, when the subject is difficult.

You should give and return Salams and not show arrogance, as it will destroy you, internally and externally. Be kind to them and help them in their studies, if you are asked a question then answer and thank Allah Subhanu wa ta’ala, for sending someone to confirm your knowledge.

Help your fellow student as much as you are able to do so and do not see any action as small for them.

Do not be so arrogant as not to ask them for clarification, as they may have caught what you missed.

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