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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Signs of Success

Chapter Sixteen

This will only become clear after a period of time. Unless you have insight then you may be able to tell in a short space of time. You will find the circumstances around your studies easy in that there is not excessive hardship.

Although this is not the only sign. The greatest sign will be when your teacher answers your question without you asking it. The question may be from a question that you may or may not have got the answer for or from a question you are about to ask. This is an amazing sign and if you get it with a particular teacher then stick to that teacher for as long as possible.

There are other signs like you may come across books that no one else has or that you’ll answer a question without realising you knew the answer! Sometimes you may find a book with much blessings and this book was meant to be found by you. Sometimes you may be asked something that you once knew but could not recall then the question is asked and out comes the answer!

Or you may find the time spent studying with a scholar; more beneficial than other times that you study. When you see some signs be thankful for the endless graces of Allah (mighty and majestic) and keep studying.

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