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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Run Fatty Run!

We live at in the fast line and are constantly in motion. So because of this when we are hungry we grab the nearest thing to eat and invariably it is unhealthy, burgers, chips, kebabs etc.

Chips are the worst because they are almost pure fat and I know they taste good but when you realise that it takes a long time for your body to process that fat they don’t look that good anymore.

About a year and a half ago something very strange happened to me. I was sharing a takeaway with friends and during consumption of this delightfully fatty food I felt my body slow down. It was a strange sensation and it was extremely unwelcome and unexpected.

Thinking none of it a few weeks later I had the same feeling again, upon the consumption of takeaway food, but this time I had not had takeaway food for about two weeks. It was time to give up the fat!

There were a few steps that I followed to try to get myself into a better shape.

1. No more takeaway food of any type

2. Refrain from snacking

3. Eat at regular times – don’t miss breakfast.

4. Get some exercise

5. Switch to more whole foods.

Regular exercise is something that needed some effort as the other five were quite easy. So what I used was mike chang’s six pack short cuts (search youtube for six pack short cuts disclaimer nudity) because he uses a method of intense exercise. It was a great help in getting me started. So a few times a week I use some of his exercises. Some are as short as ten minutes and we are not talking about long periods of exercise I only do around twenty minutes. The important thing about exercise is sweating because that is when your body is burning fat. Also know that you have to change the exercises that you do and not stick to the same routine all the time.

Snacking is the enemy! People in the west are always snacking instead try drinking some herbal tea that also help start you up. Having meals at the wrong times might mean that you eat double the amount that you would normally so be aware of that.

Takeaway is the worst type of food for your body. It is full of fat and full of harmful things that stay in your body for a long time. Watch the video 'supersize me' and how Morgan Spurlock looked into the unhealthiness of takeaway food. He also showed a video in which all the different types of food rotted away except for the chips. They did not rot even after months! Instead of grabbing a burger grab a sandwich or even a pot noodle. Do not tell me that they taste like pants you are not cooking them correctly! Just add that water to just below the fill level and wait about seven minutes then eat away.

Eating meat all the time is not good for your digestion and consider eating cereals with plenty of fibre in them to get the bowels moving.

Do not forget that our master Muhammad (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) had a perfect body without any unnecessary weight. So this should help drive you on.

Disclaimer this is only advice I am not expert in this field and you should consult experts in this field before you do anything. Everyone's body is different and whats right for you might not be right for others.

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  1. As-salaam alaykum

    I have been reading your blog for a long time due to the shaykh Hamza yusuf related contents in your blog. It has been really beneficial for me alhamdulillaah. May Allah give barakah in your time and life . May Allah resurrect you with His beloved ones. Ameen. Keep me in your dua brother.