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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Disputations

Part fourteen

1. Village Islam is open to everyone except women.

2. The reason why others are so effective is because Sunni Islam is ineffective.

3. Ignorance is the knowledge of the masses.

4. The first information you receive is the hardest to get rid of.

5. Change always comes from the periphery.

6. Village Islam is open to everyone who is from my family.

7. Truth means nothing to the brainwashed.

8. Eyes do not help someone whose heart is blind.

9. Only those who are beautiful can appreciate beauty.

10. Sometimes the best thing about your life is also the worst.

11. Written on a banner in a Syrian city was the following, "Either we change Syria into Paradise or we go to Paradise."

12. Aqida: nobody studies it and everyone argues over it!

13. Home is the place you are welcome and a house is place you live.

14. Aquida: if you studied it correctly you have no reason to argue...

15. Only the ignorant argue and debate. As for those with knowledge they do not need to argue.

16. You ruin your present by worrying about the future and crying over the past.

17. If you read history then you'll realise that the ending of all oppressors is nothing but horrific. 

18. Sometimes all you can do is wait.

19. Forgetting who you are means you are lost.

20. It's hard to change things especially when they are wrong.

21. Fighting alone means you can get tired quickly!

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