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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Your knowledge is pointless

A short lesson on knowledge

I was typing up some notes for my blog, these notes were from the advice that Sheikh Haroon Hanif gave at the end of the Bradford Halaqa.

I had finished typing and not really understood or reflected about what he said and then the computer crashed. After re-booting it I found that the final line was no longer there, as it was from a previous save, the computer did not recover the entire file.

So I found the last line and typed it in and then word program closed itself down, and I was no longer able to access the file. I rebooted it again then I typed in the same last line and posted it on the blog and then after publishing it on the blog. I finally read the line,

Your knowledge is pointless when it doesn’t bring you closer to Allah Subhanu wa Ta’ala.”

A few weeks later I told Sheikh Haroon about this he said,

Subhanllah, Subhanllah.”

How many times did I miss it?

The whole point of knowledge is that you benefit before it benefits others and the final goal of all knowledge is to bring you closer to Allah subhanu wa ta'ala.


  1. Jazak Allah for the reminder

  2. Anonymous9:52 am

    Salaams! - Excellent post.

  3. MashaAllah. Yes good reminder.