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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Random Ramadan thoughts

Ramadan is a blessed month where you see very strange sights, you'll see things from people that you did not think that they were capable of. Like people who are heedless all year wake up. Before Ramadan they did not pray but in Ramadan a sudden desire has been woken up in them to pray. And now you see that person doing better than you, he heads for the masjid at speed, as you walk at ease.

You see sisters forget their entire make up sets and cover the ornaments. This month has more than its far share of surprises and this is but little.

Some are asked why don't you do sins now, like you used to? Not in Ramadan is the reply, not in this month.

You hear persons train their tongues to avoid swear words and foul language, their eyes from televisions and videos, abandoned for a month.

Tarawih comes and the masjids are full, some tire and the numbers decrease as the month continues, yet it's amazing to see so many people. Sometimes I pause for a moment and think, where have you been all year?

Ramadan is here to remind us of the true human potential for worship. We all have this potential, yet we hide it away because we love pretence and think death is a long way off. I can fast when I get older. Why should I ruin my day? Others are not fasting why should I? Since when did being in a state of worship cause anything but gain? Fasting is a state of worship, don't you like the fact that the longer you are in a state of worship the more reward that you will attain? Sometimes, people talk and walk around in their sleep.

We all know that our appointment with death is already marked down and we can't call up to change the time because Tuesday is not convenient; because I have something else to do. Whether we like it or not it's there and it's like the great Imam said we are walking and one day we will fall into our grave and not even know. Maybe the writer of this is asleep or deluded, deluded is a better word, maybe I need waking up more than you do.

This is the month that we perfect our worship and fulfil that potential that's been lacking for so many years. Our behaviour in this month should be like our behaviour all year round.

Imagine that you have a servant and for eleven months of the year it would do a few things for you or worse do nothing. Then one month, it does everything in its strength for you and after that month, it would go back to the way it was before. Would you be pleased with that servant? Would you?

Yet Allah subhanu wa ta'ala sends us the month of Ramadan, especially to someone like me, who doesn't deserve it. To remind the servant, to bring it closer to fulfilling the whole reason for its creation, worship.

So paint the canvas of your worship with many colours, make it colourful, pray, fast, recite the Quran, praise Allah, be thankful for your blessings, invoke blessings on the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

This is a month of worship yet let this not be the only month that you perform acts of worship.

wa Allah ta'ala Alam - Allah most high knows best.

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