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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Why do I write on Sheikhy Notes?

Back in 2007 I complied ideas and experiences on the subject of learning Arabic. At the time I was still putting notes on the blog. I did not see any need to put this article/post up. So I left it and did not go back to it for a few months. Eventually in 2008 I put it out and this lead to more written work. Eight years and one hundred and fifty articles later I am still writing. Some have caused more controversy in the tea cups of the misinformed.

I am used to being slandered and insulted by some of the misinformed of the general public. This year being no exception. It's very sad that the internet makes loins out of mice. Hiding behind their keyboards and phones insulting and attacking teachers who are trying to help. All my intention has ever been is to help people for the sake of Allah. I am not interested in position and nor do I covert one. If anything, I am persona non grata to most people. I am ignored in my area and beyond that, it does not bother me at all.

Question what I say all day long but I do draw the line against people who insult and slander me. When all I was doing is trying to clarify matters. Despite this, many people are influenced by the blog to better their lives and this what we want. I will never meet the people who have had confusing matters cleared up for them. This blog is built on giving you a window to sacred knowledge.

The work that I write is often observation. Most of the time it's a reaction to things that occur to me or things that I see happen. My aim is to clarify things and as a teacher that's part of my job.

So the people who are slandering me do so because they are unable to say anything to my face. Read the ayah on the top left side and you will see why I have every right to give advice. Whether you like it or not, plenty of people do. 

Maybe instead of criticizing me people should help. But no one has time to help anyone but they have all the time in the world to slander. Then you wonder why we are in such a mess! Even if I am wrong that does not give anyone the right to slander and spread lies about me. So what if I am right?

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