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Friday, December 23, 2016

The reality of the path for the Murid

Once you take bayah/allegiance with a Sheikh the first thing you will come across is the murids. Now the murids can be the worst and the best thing about your tariqah. Most murids are good in the presence of the sheikh but are the opposite in his absence. So you have to put up with a lot of rubbish, I am not joking.

The murids are like family to you and like any family there are those you like more than others. But you have to know that you have all taken the same oath by Allah (the Exalted) to follow this Sheikh. So you have bear this in mind.

Even though there should not be any troubles with murids, there is. Many of them might not like you, if you are in a position that they desire. They will annoy and harm you with their dirty looks. Many claim to be ‘turer’ murids than you. They also misrepresent the words and statements of the Sheikh. They sing a tune that they claim the sheikh sings but you know he does not. You may also come across cultural differences. They may all be from a certain background or understanding that you are not. People often make the mistake that all paths are the same when they are not and same sheikhs from the same path are different!

So what should you do when you face these difficulties? The spiritual path is like venturing through a jungle and no jungle is free from apes and pigs. The murids are also your mirror to your sheikh. If you treat them badly then your sheikh can turn away from one. At the same time being cordial with someone who has treated you badly is difficult. So your best plan is to remain calm and try your best in difficult situations.

Try your best to avoid conflicts, arguments and debates. And avoid those who try to drag you to them. This is part of your training as a Murid.

You may also come across other scholars who dislike your Sheikh and disagree with him. So they might try to undermine him. This happens to many of those scholars who see things they deem incorrect. 

Your most important focus in the path is adherence to your spiritual masters words. Everything other is secondary and unimportant. So maintain contact with them in dhikr circles and try your best to maintain focus on your goal which is to reach Allah (the Exalted).

Know you need to know your basics in terms of knowledge and without them you are lost. Also know that you may find many still stuck in their ‘old’ ways this is an obstacle that many are unable to overcome. 

In some ways being a murid is being part of a large family. They are your brothers and sisters and they are annoying  just like your real siblings! Yes, at times its dysfunctional and sometimes its good to be part of a family. 

This might not be your experience in the path, you might have a positive experience which we hope that you all do but the reality in this time is very different. Often the best part of the path is the sheikh and the worst parts of the path are the murids. 

Maintain focus on your litanies and work on that which has been assigned to you and do not allow yourself to be taken by the waves of passion. Many murids of many shaykhs are the worst advert for him. This is known throughout all the paths that you know. 

You have a lot to deal with, that you may not had to deal with, when you looked from the outside. So make your choice for your sheikh by basing it what the murids are doing. If they are wasting their time then there is a problem but if they are trying to do something good then take it as a good sign. But the best sign is that they are involved in spreading sacred knowledge. And the worst sign is that they are attacking scholars. This is a sure sign that they are misguided. Find a fellow murid who shares your views and stick to them. It will help you if you find someone who has been in the path longer than you. But as the sufi saying goes: the path is not about time, it is about those who are truthful. Those who have spent longer time with the Sheikh are not as blessed as those who are truthful. 

The most important point is not to involve yourself into matters that are of no concern to you. Meaning that which does not effect your life directly. Meddling in matters that do not concern one causes one to become immersed in falsehood. This is a waste of time for the murid and how many of you are wasting their time?! You already have been told what to do, so there is no doubt. 

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