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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Adab of visiting ones Sheikh in his home

1. Arrive on time - if he says arrive at asr it means at his house not that's the time you set off. Seek clarification on exact time if needed.

2. Greet and welcome with gifts.

3. Sit where he tells you.

4. Follow his instructions.

5. Do not look around the house without his instruction and lower your gaze.

6. Do not interrupt his speech.

7. Agree with what he says and seek clarification if necessary.

8. Do not nod your head excessively to mean that you understand. So pretend if you have not heard something before even if you have heard it a million times.

9. Do not outstay your welcome - so take a hint to leave.

10. Leave with blessings, do not prolong your farewell.

11. Beware that he has limited time and do not exceed your time slot. If he says he has to go at a certain time then leave before then. 

Its always best to leave in good spirits than become a burden and outstay your welcome.

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