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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What are the main reasons that students of knowledge fail to attain the true position of being a scholar?

They study not to find the truth but to back up their group affiliation. So they negate years of learning by backing up arguments to justify their own groups. 

Many Dar Al-Ulums are places that breed arrogance and ignorance. They come out totally convinced of their group and totally unprepared for questions of their students. Many return to worldly purists of earning a living and leave seeking knowledge. 

Wrong programs, wrong teachers and wrong systems all play their part making a student fail after years of studying. 

One must look beyond their school because no one group has a monopoly of knowledge and without looking at other scholars he will not achieve what he seeks.

Many students are lazy and want all the work to done for them and are not willing to spend their time revising the text before and after the class. They do not re-enforce their learning at all. relying on recordings in not wise because most students do not have the time to study them.

Also many students are embroiled in issues that do not concern them and thus waste the time in which they should be studying. So all they have is the term student of knowledge and have failed to realise it.

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