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Friday, April 10, 2015

The Disputations

part thirty seven

1. Islam will defeat capitalism.

2. Media is controlled by racist war mongers.

3. Following one sheikh is not about copying his external dress rather it is copying his internal state. Dress sense does not mean one achieves tasawwaf! It's not that easy!

4. It's quite depressing to hear of students of knowledge who have studied for years and not got anywhere.

5. I am beginning to think that this is the time when sacred knowledge is dying or is on it's death bed. Who killed it? In the UK the masjid committees killed it and the rest of the was deluded in following the egos instead of revelation. A group of Muslims will remain steadfast on the truth who follow the early masters of the four madhabs and aquida of the two. Everyone else will fall slowly until the people become amazed by ignorance as much as people were amazed by knowledge before. It will remain like this until the Mahdi comes and he will applaud this group. They are the followers of the great scholars of the past. Maybe twenty percent of the slaves were Muslim in the slave trade of America but how was the spread of Islam stopped? Knowledge was stopped in our times masjid committees are the greatest helpers of wahabism. Well done

6. Al-Tabarani reports from Ibn ‘Abbas (may Allah be pleased with them) said, “The Messenger of Allah (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) would not drive people away (from him) and they would not forsake him.”

7. If you are not a scholar then don't sit in the chair of the scholars

8. There is no point talking about Adab when there is no adherence to halal and no avoiding haram! Start at the bottom of the ladder instead of jumping to the top!

9. The student of knowledge should be more concerned with understanding a text than finishing it

10. It's strange how people have got time to criticise but no time to help

11. Well done parents who destroy their daughters. Marrying them to cousins they don't want and the untold damage it does to kids to see their parents in a loveless marriage. Just to make you happy you. Well done.

12. Allah sent each prophet with the ability to speak the language of the people. Fast forward to masjid committees in the west who appoint imams who can only speak Urdu. So neglect everyone except themselves.

13. This is not the time of religious knowledge it's the time religious ignorance. People mistake ignorance for knowledge. Ignorance is mass transmitted now and the truth is known but ignored.

14. Ponder why Allah (the Exalted) praised the character of the Prophet (may Allah bestow peace and blessing upon him). Why not the prayer or hajj? Because deen is not about merely the five pillars. Most of your deen is your character. Thats where most of the work needs to be done.

15. Divine decree: We accept everything that happens, We help those in need, We do not wish that something else occurred and We try to do best in our respective situations.

16. "If you see yourself oppose the people of Allah; know that you have been turned away from the door of Allah."

17. The point of chess is to get the king not the queen and the point of the tariqah is to reach Allah not the sheikh.

18. The best Sufis think the worst of themselves.

19. Islam belongs to Allah not to any group

20. I don't wish to be offensive but Wahhabi/seleefi arguments make no logical sense. Wake up the deen is older than two hundred years.

21. It's funny how we see lots of mawlids but very little follow up.

22. Abu Yusuf said, "Whoever seeks knowledge by singular narrations becomes misguided."

23. Humility is not when everyone knows your rank and you try to lower yourself. Its when no one knows your rank and you keep it secret.

24. What was Sheikh Al-Arabi Al-Darqawi's (may Allah show him mercy) way of getting what he wanted? He would turn away from it and find it before him.

25. This religion is taken from those who are qualified to teach and not from those who pick up translations and speak!

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