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Monday, December 10, 2012

The Disputations

Part seventeen

1. Timing is important.

2. Instead of condemning people for their sins maybe you should try praying for them...

3. Why should you be hopeful of forgiveness? Because no matter how great your sin is the forgiveness of Allah is greater.

4. The era for heroes has ended so do not try to be a hero because people will walk all over you.

5. If you insult someone that you are trying to refute they will never listen to you; even if you are right.

6. If you are in a storm now as long as you keep walking you’ll get through it.

7. The lion will be slain at the gates justifying the fallen...
Top of Form

8. Its really strange how we live in a time where the average person talks about deep scholarly issues yet does not even know the basics of his wudhu!

9. Sooner or later you'll realise that you can only rely on Allah and everyone else will let you down.

10. Its not in your interest to be involved in interest...

11. Difference of opinion is only accepted from those with knowledge...

12. Belief in the divine decree is realisation that you are powerless.

13. When they say that the doors of ijtihad are closed they are lying. As this is an orientalist argument to say that Islam is backward. Ijtihad is ongoing and has not stopped.

14. قال النبي صلى الله عليه وسلام (إذا فسد أهل الشام فلا خير فيكم،) حسن صحيح: الترمذي 2192
The Prophet (may Allah bestow peace and blessing upon him) said, “If the people of Syria are corrupt then there is no good in you. ” At-Tirmidhi.

15. Fear of the 'other' leads to injustice.

16. A man said to Umar (may Allah be pleased with him), 'Fear Allah O Umar!' One of those present said, 'Do you say this to the leader of the believers?' But Umar scolded him for these words and said, 'There is no good in you if you do not say this and no good in you if you do not hear it.'

17. Finding pleasure in anything worldly veils one from Allah (the Exalted).

18. Only when someone is pure outwardly can someone pray and only when the heart is pure can it prostrate.

19. Allah is free from need and for you to be a wali your heart should be free from anything but Allah.

20. Large amounts of wealth do not help on the day of judgement but large amounts of faith do. So why are we so bothered about gathering wealth and so avid about neglecting our faith?

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