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Friday, December 28, 2012

The Disputations

Part sixteen

1. Why do have to scream when we preach Islam? Does not the speaker know he has a microphone before him?

2. قال شعار لا أختار دموعا دموع تختارني the poet said, I did not tears they chose me.

3. Every era has events that uniquely define it

4. If you are never happy with your current state then you'll never be happy.

5. Be like a snowball ornament when it is shaken its beauty comes out.

6. Why are people who listen to lectures about love so full of hate???

7. We have yet to learn to lessons of Ihya Ulum Al-Deen.

8. How can we blame the youth for going astray? When we had the opportunity to teach them but failed! So those parents who kill their daughters because she is doing something that they do not like; should look no further and blame themselves.

9. Good weather means nothing unless you have someone to enjoy it with.

10. Even though you have lost one blessing you have many others to be grateful for.

11. The pen is nothing without paper and paper is nothing without the pen. Its only the combination of both these things can something beautiful come forth.

12. The most misleading emotion is love. How can you say you love someone and hurt them?

13. Its only by suffering do you realise the value of something.

14. Allah tested you when he gave you something of the Dunya and blessed you when he prevented you from something of the dunya.

15. Don’t say yes or no unless you know what you are saying yes or no to.

16. Expect to be disrespected and you'll never be disappointed!

17. نوم الظالمين عبادة The sleep of oppressors is worship – Syrian saying.

18. Servants whose service is for Allah, are not concerned about being seen. Servants who want to be seen are looking for positions and they service their own egos when they feed others.

19. When you lose something in this world know its loss means nothing compared to losing Allah. So keep faith in Allah and leave the world because there is always a replacement for what is lost in the world but no replacement for Allah.

20. The oppression of the oppressors always comes home...

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