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Friday, June 13, 2008

Waiting for the scholar

When you have agreed to meet a scholar in a time and place be on time, but at the same time do not be alarmed if the scholar is late or does not turn up.

He may have some difficulty that you are not aware of, so do not expect him/her there, if they do turn up and that's a blessing.

Other times the Scholar may not want to do a lot because they are tired or need to go elsewhere, so expect this as well. If he needs to go somewhere then let him go and do not mind.

Try to be patient and do not get annoyed, if the lesson is cancelled do not be surprised but arrange another lesson and keep your attendance up.

Know that your teacher has other duties, family or otherwise, that he will have to take care of. Expect cancellation of classes, lectures even courses.

Do not be put off by any of this and remain steadfast on this path.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous4:32 pm

    another reason that scholors dont turn up to lesson on time or they because they want to test the student and make sure that he is there to learn for the right reasons and not to just learn so he can show off his knowledge....but we should be grateful to all our teachers for giving us every second of their time

    ma salaam