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Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Disputations

Part Thirty nine

1. We need to spread the correct Sunni knowledge and stop being satisfied with sleeping Sunni masjids who do nothing. It's high time that we woke up and started classes of knowledge in each masjid. Because the greatest support of extremists is the inactive Sunni masjid

2. Ali Ibn Abu Talib (May Allah be pleased with him) was asked, "how was your love for the Messenger of Allah (May Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him)?" He said, "he was, I take oath by Allah, was more beloved to us than our wealth, our children, our fathers, our mothers, and more than cold water in severe thirst." These are all points that are relevant to people in terms of their love of types of people. Then cool water is mentioned. Why? Go to any hot country and realise the hear of the thirst and much cold water is a blessings.

3. I don't believe people when they want to give me Muslim price.

4. The moon deity was called hubal. The crescent was only adopted by the ottomans because it was a sign of purity that was related to Mary the mother of Isa upon him peace.

5. The alcohol that's in creams and perfumes is synthetic and not fermented like normal alcohol or wine. And it's diluted and then when it's used in a spray it evaporates. So it does not have the same ruling as fermented alcohol. Ummum al balwa does not even come into the equation.

6. Building people is more important than making buildings

7. Most 'religious' Muslims submit themselves to a group and not to Islam. Therefore it's their group mentality that spreads not Islam therefore anything goes in their groups.

8. Most students do not know how to study and don't reach anywhere even after years of study

9. If someone uses the term I divorce you. Then the marriage ends if there is no reconciliation. But they can re marry another two times. But if they do it three times then there no chance. She has to marry someone else. A lot of brothers are daft and do it three times and it causes a big problem. Those three months is where there is a chance of reconciliation. So if there is no reconciliation the marriage ends with one pronouncement is divorce. They should work on their issues without doing the divorce thing,

10. One can reform oneself to Islam but you don't change the quran to fit into your lifestyle

11. When we have no access to the righteous we visit their graves and read their books.

12. Allah was before there was time and space; therefore he cannot be subjects to them; they are his subjects

13. Go for hajj and do umrah before. Rather than doing Umrah on it's own. The hajj is fard and the umrah sunnah. Do the hajj and you can do both!

14. Religious ruling are based on proof texts not love. The companions loved the prophet (saas) more than we will ever do but never founded ruling on love. Yet people mistake love/emotion for proof texts. It's decadence of the highest order.

15. It's a trait I see online often. No one respects anyone's opinion except their own or their own group etc. it's strange when ignorance is elevated and knowledge is belittled

16. we follow ahl al sunnah and al Jamma/the people of the sunnah and the majority and avoid isolated opinions, discord and sectarianism.

17. Insulting people is wrong regardless. If someone has a problem then they should speak to them directly.

18. The background for this statement was a man came to Rabia saying he had not committed a sin for a long time. She saw his pride in his obedience thus it was insincere then she said made this statement. Obedience with pride is insincerity. It's a very subtle point. "Your existence (state) is a sin that necessitates that you seek forgiveness."

19. I seek the forgiveness of Allah from speech without action

20. We are all sinking; when we don't care about the suffering of the other

21. The Hadith about the quran and the ahl al bayt are two weighty matters left with the ummah which will return to him at the pool on the day of judgement. The quran: we need to learn it, read it, adhere to it etc. the ahl al bayt: we help, support, respect and so on from our love of the Prophet (Saas). Yes we owe a similar respect to the common believer. The ahl al bayt will witness to how they were treated to the Prophet (saas) as will the quran when they come back to the hawd/pool. The ahl al bayt will also assist in people drinking from the pool by giving them beakers of water from it.

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