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Monday, February 29, 2016


It really annoys me that people cheat Islam and they are the first to believed and others are seen as liars. Islam is not a vigilante religion! Where people can say what they want and kill whoever they want. The ONLY people that can decree the punishment of death is a legitimate court. Not some hillbilly who can't even read Arabic but can pull out a knife or a gun. This is a major sin and it cannot be justified. Murder cannot be justified ever. This is just one of the ways that Wahhabism has destroyed Sunnism. Great, we all look like fools now. If your love makes you kill someone else then it's not pure love. Pure love has no hate for anyone. 

I find it offensive to the extreme that people commit sins and use the Prophet (saas) as an excuse. It does not matter if you saw him in real life or in a dream. He would NOT contradict the very law he was sent with!! I know that someone is lying. You might be able to fool others but not me. Blasphemy laws do not apply to non Muslims, it's that simple. If an anyone makes a blasphemous statement then it has to be reported to a judge who will deal with it. Taking the law into your own hands is wrong. Why? Because people could kill others and lie. 

It's not just a sign decadence but a sign of regression. It will also drive people out of Islam making us all look like extremists fools who cannot rationally apply an argument. The lunatics are in charge and the day of judgement is not far.

Aquida Tahawi point ninety 

"We do not consider violence or coercive power against anyone from the community of Muhammad (May Allah bestow peace and blessings be upon him) acceptable, unless legislated (by valid courts)."

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