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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Grooming and media responsibility

We have been hearing news reports about the grooming of women by certain men. Let’s get one thing straight right now. The exploitation of women in this manner for prostitution (or anything unlawful) is nothing but disgraceful. We hope that those who are caught doing these disgraceful actions are thrown into jail and the keys are thrown away.

It goes against all the teachings of every religion; to abuse a person in such a manner. If they are guilty of such grave crimes then they will be held to account by the courts and justice will be served. As for everything that was not found out; thats what the day of judgement is about. Nothing will be hidden then and every little harm will come out.


They feed on the poor in society and there must responsibility taken by the authorities and they have to intervene. Many women come from broken homes and suffered abuse as children. We have a great deal of sympathy for those who have evil done to them and we have the exact opposite feeling for the perpetrators.
No other religious leaders condemn the criminal activities like the Muslims are told to condemn themselves. Why should we? We know these acts are deplorable why do we need to condemn them? No Christian leaders came out and condemned terrorists who are Christians. Nor any other religious denomination.


We have said this before, and repeat it now, that the media plays a game. Its game is to demonise Muslims so these things further polarise opinion. And feed extremist groups the fodder they need for their swelling masses. We no longer believe the reports from mass media sources and chose the information we read because everything that is about Muslims and Islam is nothing but lies. The media seems to be more and more racist as time goes on.

Why do they demonise Muslims? This is simple its part of global policy to invade Muslim countries and steal their resources. So they portray us as ‘subhuman’ then this allows them to massacre and torture Muslims in a manner that is against the Geneva convention of Human rights. This is way we see the way the media. The media has lost all credibility according to their own authorities; so do you know these reports are even true? And why is it just one ethnic group? Isn’t prostitution widespread in the cities that many people are exploiting women? So why focus on one group? It serves the global purpose of demonising Muslims in order to declare an unending war for natural resources. Who cares about the millions of innocent people who suffer on a daily basis? You are all in the wrong and the day of judgment is waiting for you all.

We looked at a police website about the convicted who were named and shamed on their website. Out of five pages of criminals only three were Asian and the vast majority were native English. If you look at statitics then you see that only 5% of these sort of crimes are committed by Asains. But if the media is to be believed its 100%!

Global problem

The exploitation of women by men is a global problem and its riddled into all cultures and races. If you look at the west women are exploited by advertising. They make them feel inferior if they do not look like a Barbie doll! The female form is used to sell everything and if you do not believe me then look at a selection of advertising and you will see how much the female figure is exploited for profit.

When a man beats his wife to death when did it have anything to do with religion and everything to do with his insecurity? If this was just one religion then why are men of different backgrounds doing the same thing? It is not about religion and everything to do with pathetic men who oppress women. Such oppressors will be resurrected with the cursed on the day of judgement.

Do not expect them to publish anything positive about Islam and this is how its always been. Its just the lying poets of 21st Century using the media as a tool for war. The media is the greatest tool of war mongering in our times. The day of judgement is for everyone, you, me and everyone who ever existed.

How do we fight back?

These issues must be addressed by community leaders in their localities and they must be condemned in the most severest manner possible. We have to call Imams to speak about community issues. Rather than speaking about the same things week in and week out. Or is that asking for too much with some of our Imams and masjid committees? To get them to speak out would mean that they are actually doing something positive instead of getting a non Muslim to build a wall.
Know that people rate personal experience greater than what they read. So if you are spoken to about these matters then leave no doubt to your stand, it is deplorable. Know that people will respond to you if you show them kindness and this will mean more to them than you know.

We cannot be like the person who has a chip on his shoulder and fights with those who touch it. We have to be smarter than that or else we play into the media trap. And what they are saying about us becomes true because we do what they said about us. We also have to be aware that speaking out sometimes causes more harm than good. Problems that were localised and would have been forgotten about, if we did not stir ourselves about it. 

The killing of someone who made a film slandering Islam or pictures made by a trouble causer made a small localised scandal into a global scandal. Then the pictures came out everywhere. Had Muslims been a bit smarter and ignored such deliberate provocation then it would not have turned into a global scandal. It could have been avoided if we were smart and the person who made the pictures gets what he wants. Global notoriety and a best selling book against Islam. Well done thats another fine mess you got me into. 

Final note

Drugs, drug taking, prostitution, exploitation of the weak must be driven out of our communities. There needs to be some education about these matters to explain the unlawful nature of them. We need to condemn these acts for what they are. Foolish criminals committing grave acts of degeneracy. For which they will pay the price of such acts in jail or on the day of judgement.

The media will not change but peoples experience of you, can change their minds. The Prophet (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) taught to respect women and he never harmed a woman in his sixty three years of his life. How far we are from the prophetic example.

Parents on both sides must advise their offspring from accepting these things and stay away from those people do these things. Money that is earned in an unlawful manner will not benefit one at all. Man has much to answer for on the day of judgement because of its treatment of women and harming the weak.   

May Allah (the Exalted) forgive us.

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  1. You will not have community leaders condemn such actions because these leaders are the ones carrying out these despicable actions. The same was said in the 90's as to why forced arranged marriages was never brought up in the mosques. This was due to the mosque leaders carrying the actions out in their own families. Then we have people who studied in Yemen and then also cant raise the issue because they need the mosques to act as platforms for their own dawah. So the Alims tacit accomplicies.