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Friday, November 29, 2013

The Disputations

Part thirty one
1.      The ignorant are enemies of knowledge and now the ignorant control knowledge, so do not expect things to get better!
2.      Everyday give everything for the sake of Allah The Exalted.
3.      When a masjid is just for committee members then its a social club. Do not expect a reward for social club.
4.      Humbleness is to humiliate yourself before Allah and not have your head lowered before people.
5.      Marriages started with haram excessive spending will have little good from them.
6.      When Allah calls you He turns everyone against you so you have no one left except Him. But thats how its always been.
7.      A lowered head moves faster than a head in the clouds of self satisfaction.
8.      Islam is not brothers only! Thats cultural rubbish thats brothers only! The Prophetic standard is to include everyone...
9.      Good actions without the intention, that its solely for Allah, makes them closer to punishment than reward.
10.  Nothing is gained without sacrifice.
11.  Abu Yusuf said, "Whoever seeks knowledge by singular narrations becomes misguided."
12.  Abdullah ibn Masud said, “Not one of you was born as scholar; as knowledge comes by studying."
13.  Sheikh Al-Akbar Ibn Arabi said, " Do not compare the Ahl Al-Bayt to any creation, As the Ahl Al-Bayt are the people of mastery, to destest them is the real loss of mankind and to love them is an act of worship."
14.  What was Sheikh Al-Arabi Al-Darqawi's (may Allah show him mercy) way of getting what he wanted? He would turn away from it and find it before him.
15.  This religion is taken from those who are qualified to teach and not from those who pick up translations and speak!
16.  One of the awilyah said words to the effect that the spirits of the four caliphs are in the four madhabs. Abu Bakr in Hanafi, Umar in Maliki, Uthman in Hanbali and Ali in Shafi (may Allah show them all mercy and be pleased with them)
17.  On the internet you can be anyone you want, quote anyone you want and pretend to be whatever you make others think. But Allah (the Exalted) knows what you are; so who are you fooling?
18.  Don't complain about being stuck in a hole when you have the spade in your hand and it was you who did the digging..
19.  Ibn Arabi was once asked to give something for the sake of Allah by a poor man who had knocked on his door. Ibn Arabi gave him the keys to his house and said everything is his. Ibn Arabi left konya and went to Damascus.
20.  If the masjid is just for committee members and their activities then its just a social club and there is no reward for social club.
21.  All past tense verbs in Arabic are Mabni meaning they are indeclinable - they cannot be changed. Your past is like that it cannot be changed only your present and future can be changed.

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