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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Statement of Intent

Seems very strange to making a statement of intent after almost eight years of service. Yet here we are making a statement that should leave the people visiting this blog without any doubt.

We are not a blog that favours one scholar over another. We are meant to be a window into sacred knowledge for all those who come here. Primarily this is for English speaking scholars and not those speaking other languages as there are plenty of those about elsewhere.

Other than the issues we bring up ourselves there are no controversial issues discussed. If you want to debate then find other places. We do not wish to waste our time debating, so go elsewhere.

Those that are content with this are welcome to the blog and those who are not are welcome as well.

We do wish to open people eyes to certain things and we all hope to rectify ourselves. We are not a blog that causes fitna and nor do we wish to be involved in it. Yet we do hope to address issues that are in need of being addressed but in a constructive manner.

So this is our statement of intent and we intend not to budge from it!

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