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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Disputations

Part Ten

1. War is the murder of civilians in their homes as the papers report collateral damage.

2. Dehumanising humans means that we are losing our humanity.

3. The only thing that you can do is control your own choices.
4. If the world was a place that justice was prevalent then there would be no point in the day of judgement.
5. Slavery still exists except the difference is that they stay in their own countries.
6. How can the children of the founding fathers not give religious freedom to Muslims when their forefathers fled England to America to seek religious freedom?
7. Until we starting asking Creator to solve our problems than asking creation, our problems shall remain.
8.  The liberal fascism of the west is the envy of the world
9. Actions distinguish words.

10. Apparent talent is karaoked out of the youth!

11. I find it strange that people think that they can spread Islam by being harsh and not following the merciful nature of the one who they claim to follow. Because without mercy Islam would not have reached all the corners of the globe.

12. Do not make the Ahl Al-Bayt a means of punishment for you by being harsh or worse to them. Make them a cause for your salvation by asking for their intercession.

13. The love of the Ahl Al-Bayt is mere lips service.

14. If you want to commit evil you will find many people to join you but if you want to do something good then you’ll find no one to help you.

15.  Tribulations are opportunities for you to excel

16. Anyone can speak but only a few can teach.

17. Every Muslim seems to think that he is a dictator for the Ahl Al-Sunnah

18. If you filter Ahl al-Sunnah through by one scholar you leave Ahl Al-Sunnah.

19. You only lose when you give up.

20. How merciful Allah is to you! When your sins pile up he sends you a tribulation to remove it and then gives you an opportunity to attain reward for your patience! So he takes your sin away and gives you chance to excel. What a generous Lord!

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