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Friday, March 04, 2011

The Disputations

The Disputations
Part two

1.There is nothing worse than reaching your goal then realising that it was not want you wanted. Nor did it make you happy.

2.There is a wealth of good for he who is unhappy with himself.

3.Joy is only known by suffering.

4.Just because your naafs says yes does not mean that you have to obey it and say yes as well. Say no and ride out the bitterness.

5.How strange is the human condition that makes the best things become normal, after a while and the worst things routine, after a while.

6.Try your best and wait patiently.

7.Tassawwuf is to learn how to train the self to control itself!

8.Lower your gaze in the world so you can raise it afterlife.

9.Going against the naafs opens doors of understanding.

10.Give up fantasy and embrace reality.

11.When you finish sleeping; finish dreaming.

12.Speak up for yourself because no one is going to speak up for you.

13.Sometimes you are shown how good you are when you see how bad others
are; even then hide their sins and do not uncover them and remember not to trust them.

14.Being truthful is like finding gold. So if you find a truthful person stick with them.

15.Try not to allow your emotions to run away with you control your emotions and keep them in check.

16.The past is never coming back so assign it a box then throw those bad memories away.

17.Be truthful.

18.A leader must do the greater good.

19.Nothing, in the world, is ever perfect.

20.You can only teach people what they want to learn.

21.Power is a burden.

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  1. Wonderful sayings. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.